Christian Sports Writer Expresses Thoughts on Seahawks QB Russell Wilson’s Life and Actions as a Role Model

( [email protected] ) May 01, 2015 01:14 AM EDT
Russell Wilson
Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson smiles while being interviewed during an NFL football game against the St. Louis Rams on Dec. 30 in Seattle. Elaine Thompson/AP

It is a well-known fact that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is an outspoken Christian. However, a Christian sports writer has noted that Wilson has drawn in some controversies that led to negative reactions from some fans.

In a report posted on Emerald City Swagger, James Silberman emphasized that he had no doubt Wilson was "an outstanding role model for young Christians and non-Christians alike" during his tenure with the Seahawks. He warned readers that he wasn't going to write about "the latest TMZ rumors" surrounding the quarterback.  

"He has been a fantastic leader and calming presence for our beloved football team," Silberman wrote. "Between his weekly visits to Seattle Children's Hospital and his low-key demeanor under pressure, he has won the adoration of the entire northwest region, and rightly so."

However, Silberman took issue with the fact that Wilson publicly endorsed the controversial film "50 Shades of Grey" back in February, which had "strong sexually violent overtones." He then cited the passage from Romans 14:13-15 to reinforce his point.

"He said it's a great movie," Silberman wrote, citing information from Wilson's Twitter account. "With this tweet, millions of people were advertised to for the most morally explicit movie in recent memory, and from our virtuous role model no less. Therein lies the issue."

Silberman then turned his focus on Wilson's personal life, in particular his relationship with pop singer Ciara, who has posted "some seriously provocative pictures" online. According to Derrick Bryson Taylor of Page Six, Wilson and Ciara were both seen together recently during the White House State Dinner on Tuesday night.

"As a man of faith, that isn't someone with whom you want to be romantically involved," Silberman wrote. "That doesn't mean that he shouldn't hang out with her or talk to her. By all means, spread the Gospel with anyone and everyone!"

Silberman hoped that all Christians, including Wilson, stayed "true to your convictions and beliefs when it comes to relationships," citing John 15:19 and John 17:14-16 to back up his point. He then elaborated on Ciara's song lyrics.

"The lyrics of many of her songs could not possibly be interpreted as anything other than the moans and depictions of sex," Silberman wrote. "This isn't a good look for a Christian man."

However, Silberman made it clear that he was not judging "the strength or legitimacy" of Wilson's Christian faith as outlined in Mathew 7:3-5. He was merely making a bigger point by using Wilson as an example.

"We should be careful about who we idolize," Silberman wrote. "To put it more specifically, don't idolize people in general."

Silberman added that society held Wilson to a "higher standard," which could explain the intensity of the backlash the quarterback has received.

"This is a dangerous thing to do to anyone," Silberman wrote. "It isn't fair to them, and it isn't beneficial to you."

Silberman explained that "every person alive will make mistakes," noting that "no one on this earth is worthy of trying to model your entire life after."

"When they do fall short of your impossibly high standards, your opinion of them will go from adoration to resentment for letting you down," Silberman wrote.

Silberman hoped that people would stop holding Wilson "to such an impossible standard" and worrying about "Russell's relationship with God." He made it clear that he wasn't endorsing Wilson's actions, although he admitted "that isn't my job to point out."

"One can only take the pressure of being a role model on such a massive scale for so long," Silberman concluded. "Maybe he wants us to see that he isn't perfect, so we all know that he isn't."

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