A World Teach Instructor for Every 50,000

( [email protected] ) Dec 16, 2003 11:18 AM EST

International – Walk Through the Bible set a 120,000 goal for their World Teach network of teachers. Currently, there are 25,000 World Teach workers in more than 63 nations who collectively witnessed over 1 million life changing decisions to salvation.

According to Phil Tuttle- the World Teach president, the goal will be achieved by setting a teacher for every 50,000 people of the world. World Teach will also stretch its influence to high profile nations with severe religious persecution.

"Obviously, there's a lot of religious persecution in some places around the world. In India, and some other areas, parts of the Middle East, to be certain. The people who are teaching our materials are taking a great risk,” said Tuttle.

"Our giving was off significantly last year, almost 40-percent, and yet, the ministry results around the world doubled. So, we just really believe that what we're doing is close to God's heart, and it continues to have his blessing."