'Destiny House of Wolves' DLC Updates, Release Date: New Weapons, Maps, Game Modes Galore

( [email protected] ) May 08, 2015 01:27 AM EDT
Destiny House of Wolves DLC details were more or less fleshed out at Bungie's final live-stream event this Wednesday. The downloadable content comes with new weapons, maps, and story missions.

Destiny House of Wolves DLC details were more or less fleshed out at Bungie's final live-stream event this Wednesday. The downloadable content comes with new weapons, maps, and story missions. It is possible to win never-before-seen weapons, armor, gear in two new game modes - Trials of Osiris, Prison of Elders.

House of Wolves will be available on May 19 to players who have purchase the $35 Destiny Expansion Pass. However the DLC can be purchased for $20. In the sections below, we will explore what Bungie has revealed so far. Before reading further, be aware there are spoilers ahead.

House of Wolves Story Missions

The last time players saw the icy-skinned alien beauty, she was being guarded by Fallen bodyguards from the House of Wolves. After killing their Kell, the Queen of the Awoken seemingly commands the loyalty of these murderous creatures.

As revealed in April's House of Wolves trailer, the Fallen have definitely turned against their Queen. While escaping, they kill some of her Awoken guards as well. The vengeful Queen offers the riches of her bounty to any Guardians who eliminate the traitors.

Though details are scarce, Game Rant revealed details for three of the five House of Wolves story missions. Based on what was revealed so far, the main antagonist in those missions is Skolas, the new Kell of the Wolves.

New Social Space

One of the most widely touted features for House of Wolves is the Queen's Bay in The Reef social space, where the Queen of the Awoken resides. The dilapidated base is where players begin new story missions as well as a new strike titled Shadow Thief. Players will receive a variety of tasks and missions throughout their time at The Reef.

Trials of Osiris

Featuring the all new Elimination game type, Trials of Osiris pits two three-player teams against one other. Matches in this multiplayer PvP mode are only two minutes long. The objective of the mode is to seize a central capture point from enemy players. Gamers will meet Brother Vance, who is an emissary for the Trials of Osiris. The new character is one of the many players will meet in the Queen's Bay.

Those wishing to try out this game mode will need to buy a Passage of Osiris scorecard first. Players will get a maximum of nine possible wins. If there are three losses, the trials end. Afterwards, players can trade the card for rewards. Naturally, higher number of wins will result in better rewards.

New Osiris scorecards are available for purchase every weekend following the House of Wolves release date. Users will be able to acquire ancient Egyptian-themed armor and weapons specific to Trials of Osiris.

Prison of Elders

This new arena mode has players fending off waves of enemies in five rounds. Each round consists of three enemy waves with randomized boss battles. Depending on the difficulty level chosen, players can enter Prison of Elders by one of two ways. The first is through Destiny's matchmaking system, while the second is via the player's fireteam.

Gamers will battle tough alien races such as the Hive and Cabal. By the end of the quest, gamers will gain access to the Queen's treasure room. According to Playstation's blog, it is "worth the fuss." Just like Trials of Osiris, Prison of Elders has themed upgrades as well.

Shadow Thief Strike

Shadow Thief strike takes place on the Moon. This three-player cooperative missions tasks players with killing Fallen mercenary Taniks, who is holed up in a House of Wolves Ketch spacecraft.

Previously, many in the rumor mill believed that the strike would be called Belly of the Beast. This information has since then been proven to be wrong. At this time, Shadow Thief gameplay videos are abundant on YouTube. Based on those videos, Taniks will be a worthy if not deadly opponent.