Battlefield 4 DLC and Expansion Packs Release Date: Criminal Activity DLC for Battlefield Hardline to Release This Summer

( [email protected] ) May 15, 2015 01:24 AM EDT
The developer and producer of shooter game Battlefield Hardline, Visceral Games and Electronic Arts, have confirmed that the Criminal Activity expansion pack is set for release this summer but no specific date has been announced yet
Battlefield 4 map. Battlefield Hardline

The developer and producer of shooter game Battlefield Hardline, Visceral Games and Electronic Arts, have confirmed that the Criminal Activity expansion pack is set for release this summer but no specific date has been announced yet, reported Latin Post. But as fans of the popular Battlefield Hardline await the release of the expansion pack, EA and Visceral released new details about the upcoming DLC as well as four new multiplayer maps.

Hardline multiplayer producer Zach Mumbach told the Don'tReviveMeBro podcast the new DLC, or downloadable content maps of Battlfield Hardline will be set in the urban jungles between Florida and California. Game users will be able to use weapons, such as flash hiders and infrared scopes while playing two of the maps that are set at night, reported Christian Today.

"I just don't see how to work it into the fiction of what we're doing. I'm not necessarily anti-planes, but when I play [Battlefield 4], it just feels like they're fighting each other," he told the podcast to comment about the release of the Battlefield expansion packs.

According to the report, the "Criminal Activity" DLC will feature several new vehicles. Unfortunately, fans asking for airplanes will be disappointed as the upcoming release of the Battlefield Hardline was designed with close-quarter battles in mind so there will be no airplanes.

"We're obviously doing a ton of Premium stuff, but we're also going to support players that just bought the game and aren't necessarily Premium," Mumbach added.

Battlefield 4 DLC, or downloadable content, are additional expansion packs released for the game. The Battlefield 4 DLC includes new maps, new Battlefield 4 vehicles, new weapons, assignments, and more. The DLC packs are more than just regular map maps, as they include new game modes as well, in addition to a whole slew of other content (such as new player skins, awards, assignments, and more).

Owners of Battlefield 4 Premium will get free access to all Battlefield 4 DLC, while the rest will have to pay for each individual expansion. The expansions will likely cost $15 a piece. Here's a list of the confirmed DLC so far:

Battlefield 4 China Rising - Battlefield 4 China Rising is a DLC for the multiplayer part of the game. China Rising features 4 new maps, new weapons, and new vehicles as well. It was the 2nd Battlefield 4 DLC to be revealed, the first one being Drone Strike. The DLC is expcted to heavily feature the China faction (hence the name).

Battlefield 4 China Rising is available for free to those who purchase a Digital Deluxe edition of the game. It is also offered for free to all members of Battlefield 4 Premium. Otherwise, the price is $15 (like all other DLC in the game).

Battlefield 4 Second Assault - Battlefield 4 Second Assault is a DLC map pack that was first revealed at E3 2013. Second Assault for Battlefield 4 will be available as a timed-exclusive on the Xbox One, and will later be released on other platforms. As with other DLC, Second Assault will include new maps, vehicles, weapons, and more. The expansion pack will also bring with it new awards, assignments, and other minor features. The DLC will cost $15, while Premium owners will be getting it for free.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike - Battlefield 4 Naval Strike is a multiplayer expansion pack which focuses on naval combat. The Naval Strike Battlefield 4 DLC focuses on maps with large, open waters, and small to medium sized islands. It takes place in the China Sea, much like some of the regular Battlefield 4 maps. As with all other expansions, Battlefield 4 Naval Strike will be available for free to Premium owners, while regular price will be $15 on all platforms. Those with Premium will also get a two-week head start on the DLC. Naval Strike will be the first expansion pack in the history of the series to focus exclusively on naval combat.

Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth - Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth is a multiplayer expansion pack that focuses on urban combat. The Dragon's Teeth DLC is similar to previous ones in the series, such as Close Quarters and Aftermath, in that it focuses on tight, urban combat in war torn cities. Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth main focus is urban combat, with heavy vehicles, infantry warfare, and more. There are four new maps, and several new weapons as well, including the Desert Eagle pistol.

Battlefield 4 Final Stand - Battlefield 4 Final Stand is the final expansion pack for Battlefield 4 multiplayer. Final Stand is the "epic conclusion" to the game, and will be released as the very last DLC (and the 5th in the series). Like all other DLC, Battlefield 4 Final Stand will retail for $15 as a download-only, however, Premium owners will be able to get it for free.

Final Stand features a winter setting and has four new maps, 3 of which are covered in snow. In addition, Final Stand has some experimental sci-fi weapons, including the HT-95 Levkov tank and the Rorsch Mk-1 railgun. The expansion pack also brings other new weapons and vehicles, including the Phantom Bow and the Snowmobile.

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