Golden State’s Harrison Barnes’ Groin-Breaking Split Prompts ‘Painful’ Response from NBA Fans

( [email protected] ) May 15, 2015 01:29 AM EDT
Harrison Barnes Split
(Photo : @Matt Mc on Twitter)
Harrison Barnes acrobatic move.

The social went abuzz with the men cringing in pain as a video showing Golden State Warrior' Harrison Barnes got tripped up while defending against Courtney Lee of the Memphis Grizzlies in a crossover that forced an unintentional split as he collapsed on the court.

The incident occurred at the end of the first half of Game 5 of the National Basketball Association's Western Conference playoff game that was posted on Vine entitled "Is Harrison Barnes dead?" Barnes' acrobatic move quickly went viral.

Matt Mc posted on his Twitter account, "RIP, Harrison Barnes' groin." Another Twitter user who goes by the hashtag @yelbeeez tweeted, "Harrison Barnes just busted a split and I hurt my groin just watching it. Ouch," as most men who watched the video cringed and felt the pain of the split, reported, The Huffington Post.

Expectedly, only men who had seen the video were cringing as women who had seen the viral Harrison Barnes move could almost not care less.

Rebecca Warner, a reader of The Huffinton Post, commented on the article, "Nobody said ouch!, when we cheerleaders did hard-landing splits coming out of round-offs on those hard wooden courts...though Joe Biden did say cheerleading was a dangerous sport, ha ha."

To which another reader, Jaime Binns, replied, "Lol. It's a guy thing."

Surprisingly Barnes continued to play for the rest of the game after recovering from his nasty gymnastic fall. reported that Barnes pumped in 14 points as the Golden State defeated the Grizzlies 98-78.

He told reporters in an interview after the game, "Stretching every day definitely prepared me for doing the splits during the game. That was very, very awkward," in explaining how he is still alive after that painful fall.

In a separate report by the San Francisco Gate, Barnes' teammates at Golden State appreciates his contribution to the team. Said Draymond Green, "We're always telling him to be aggressive, be aggressive. When he's aggressive like that, he's tough to stop. He's so athletic and fundamentally sound."

According to the article, Barnes assertiveness was felt in the first half of Game 5 when he contributed 10 of his 14 points during the game. However, Barnes also recorded four turnovers in the first half and five in total in the entire game. Still, the Grizzlies fear Barnes as one of their major threats offensively.

During Game 5, Barnes exploded at key moments, scoring a nice three-pointer from the corner on a pass from Stephen Curry that gave the Warriors a comfortable six-point lead at 41-35 with 5:50 left before halftime.

Memphis head coach Dave Joerger has this to say, "Harrison Barnes is quietly having a tremendous series and doesn't get enough credit."

As for his acrobatic move, one Twitter user posted a meme of Barnes imitating one of Jean Claude Van Damme's famous moves.

Harrison Barnes Split
(Photo : @Chadwick on Twitter)
A meme of Harrison Barnes split.