Marvel’s 'Agents of Shield' Season 3 Release Date and Spoilers; Secret Warriors, Caulson's ‘Magic Hand’

( [email protected] ) May 20, 2015 02:37 AM EDT
Marvel's Agent of Shield executive producer Jeffrey Bell has confirmed there will be a Season 3 for the popular series.
Marvel's Agents of Shields Season 3: Reporting to Duty! Marvel's Agent of Shief

Marvel's Agent of Shield executive producer Jeffrey Bell has confirmed there will be a Season 3 for the popular series. Already, fans of the popular ABC series are asking, "what will happen on Season 3?" And, "when will the new season starts?"

Marvel's answer: "In the near future." Season 3 is also packing with 22 action-filled episodes, said

In the episode finale of Season 2, Jiaying's Diviner-laced Terrigen Mist Crystals was seen dissolving into the ocean and consumed by fish that eventually ended up on store shelves. Now, we know Terrigen is harmful to humans so expect the substance to cause problem in the next episodes from the leak.

Bell said in an interview with IGN, "Without getting too specific about next season, the fact that we end the episode on the promise of this stuff out there kind of tips us a little bit in the direction where we may be going next year. The fact that there's this stuff out there to me suggests it's a problem."

Will the Terrigen Mist be a prelude to the introduction of more inhuman powers?

Bell teases in an interview with, "We've intentionally left it ambiguous. That question and the others will be answered in Season 3."

He added Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s series could expand the Inhumans in the third season. Bell continued, "Every Inhuman we met came out of Jiaying's little camp and there are people who knew about it. The idea that it might go wider, that somebody might have a piece of sushi or an Omega-3 and have something surprising happen, seems to us like a nice story engine to open it up and to ask a lot of questions as the world gets more enhanced people in it. Without dropping a bomb over everybody, it seems a nice way to promise international stories that can reach into anybody's lives and effect them, and that seems like something fun for us to do."

Secret Warriors

Adding to the speculations that Season 3 in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will feature more Inhumans, also called Secret Warriors, after Agent Coulson told Skye to form a new super-powered and anonymous team. In Season 2, Skye has been revealed as Daisy Johnson (codenamed Quake in the Marvel Universe), making her first super-powered member of the team

Bell told IGN, Well, Daisy Johnson certainly has a big part in Secret Warriors and having a team like that. If you'll notice, Coulson says right now she is the only person in what might be this new outfit. But you know, the idea of a team of powered people is something we've seen in the show, and I think there's a world down the road where we do our version. We do our version of all these things so they may not be Secret Warriors but there's a whole lot of super-powered people fighting super-powered people. That's not really what we do or what we can even do on a weekly series. But tipping our hats to that direction I think is something we're suggesting there in the new season."

Time Jump

According to Zapit, writers of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are finishing the draft on the planned time jump between the end of Season 2 and where the agents pick up again. Currently, the producer and the team of writers are deciding how much time will be dedicated for the transition.

"It behooves us to have a little bit of time, rather than picking things right up. It allows people to be fresh for Season 3, so you won't necessarily have had to watch the end of Season 2 for an entry point," Bell added. "Whether it's a week or a month or a few months, in general a bit of time allows you to reset [and] put characters into [the show] in a new way. That worked really well for us coming into this season. I suspect we'll do something similar next year."

Coulson's 'Magic Hand

Caulson lost his hand in Season 2 and Bell said this would give them "a lot of fun exploring the stories" for Coulson's replacement hand "both psychologically as well as physically."

He said, "We think there's a lot of fun to be had with both the emotional fallout of losing your right hand or left hand - losing a hand - as well as [what] we do within the Marvel universe. What does it mean to get a replacement hand? Coulson has never been a specialist soldier. I mean, he fights well, he shoots well, but he's never been, you know, 'I now want a magic hand.' But he is in the Marvel Universe so we can have a lot of fun stories exploring what that means.