Bloodborne Patch 1.04 Update: New DLC Release Date Coming Very Soon

( [email protected] ) May 22, 2015 03:00 AM EDT
Bloodborne Patch 1.04 is coming on May 25, according to the latest tweet from the game’s producer Masaaki Yamagiwa.
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Bloodborne Patch 1.04 is coming on May 25, according to the latest tweet from the game's producer Masaaki Yamagiwa. The most current patch 1.03 includes a number of bug fixes and new additions to loading screen. Players have also experience quicker load times with this newest update. Meanwhile, Bloodborne may be getting an all new DLC.

At this time, official channels have not revealed any detail about the upcoming patch 1.04 update.

New DLC in Development

On Wednesday, May 20, Sony's boss Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the highly-anticipated downloadable content for the popular video game. However,

"So I have been asked by many people if we are making DLC for Bloodborne," Yoshida said in a recent tweet. "I can say... An expansion is coming. More info later this year."

The horror title is still exclusive to Sony's Playstation 4 console. Bloodborne's publisher From Software has not expressed interests in distributing the game to other platforms. Since its debut in March, the game has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide.

Neither Yoshida nor Yamagiwa have revealed details about the upcoming DLC. For now, Bloodborne fans will need to wait patiently for more information that is sure to come in the weeks ahead.

Possible Details Revealed at E3 2015

Recently, Game Rant speculated that there will be more information regarding the Bloodborne DLC at this year's E3 conference.

From Software previously came out with three DLC expansions for the Dark Souls 2 videogame. So, there is a chance that Bloodborne will be getting more downloadable content in the future. It is more than likely that the new DLC will be story-based, adding an extra layer of immersion to the Bloodborne experience.

E3 2015 is scheduled to be held in Los Angeles on June 16 thru 18. The event is less commonly referred to as the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Patch 1.03 Features

Patch 1.03 was first released in April. Players immediately saw faster load times by 5-15 seconds. The patch has already rolled out to the North America, Europe, and Japan.

Additionally, the loading screen now has additional eye-candy in the form of objects from the game. Previously, users were forced to watch a generic Bloodborne logo while waiting for the loading time to complete.

The patch also addresses many bugs that include immobilized bosses and inoperable elevators. Players will also be able to go through the NPC events in multiplayer without trouble.