Missions Groups Call for Increased Funding

( [email protected] ) Dec 19, 2003 12:19 PM EST

Missions groups continue to feel the downside of the economic slump through decreased financial support from its patrons. Charitable giving continued to decrease along with the trust factor for charitable organizations since the 9-11 attack in 2001.

According to D & D Missionary Homes executive director Phil Fogle, the budget shortfalls prevent expansion and even some program maintenance.

"It does impact us immensely,” said Fogle. “The result is the missionaries aren't going to have the full amount of services that we feel are so very important to provide to them."

Fogle also explained the impacts on the missionaries overseas who depend on the financial support of the home-base organizations.

“Pray for the mission organizations that they support, especially when these mission organizations are based in the United States, people often times don't fully understand the value of the agency's support for the individual missionaries,” said Fogle. “It's very critical that people understand how valuable the agency is to provide the diplomatic support, the financial record-keeping support, the ability to support materials going into countries."