'Duck Dynasty's John Luke Robertson Wedding Date: Mary Kate McEacharn Can’t Wait to Be a Robertson, Hardest Part Is Who to Invite

May 27, 2015 02:43 AM EDT

The 'Duck Dynasty' Robertson family can't wait to have Mary Kate McEacharn to become a Robertson and be an official family member.

The Robertsons has flooded their Instagram accounts with several posts of love and affection to the soon-to-be bride of John Luke. Indeed, the Robertsons recently celebrated Mary Kate's birthday where they showered John Luke's fiancée with adulation.

"Happy Birthday to this fun-loving, sweet-spirited, kind-hearted, Jesus-following girl who I am so excited to soon call my daughter-in-love @missmarymcmcmc #ILoveYou #HappyBirthday," posted John Luke's mother, Korie, on her Instagram account (@bosshogswife).

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John Luke shared a video of Mary Kate's reaction to a surprise he prepared for her birthday celebration. John Luke share this video on his Instagram account (@young_and_beardless), showing an excited Mary Kate when she opened the trunk of the car and discovered the John Luke had been hiding there during the entire trip to watch a Taylor Swift concert. The concert was Mary Kate's birthday gift from the Robertsons siblings.

Mary Kate could be heard saying, "Oh my God, no way!," when she opened the trunk.

John Luke captioned the video with this very sweet message, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This girl is such an amazing human! You are worth hiding uncomfortably under a blanket in the back of a hot suburban on a two hour drive! You are an inspiration! Can not wait to marry you and have more and more birthday surprises!"

Sadie Robertson, John Luke's sister, also share a photo of her and Mary Kate sharing ice cream together while holding hands. Sadie captioned the photo she posted on her Instagram account (@legitsadierob), "soft smiles and soft serves. It's my best friends birthday. I love you my little Mary Cat."

Mary Kate also shared a photo of her birthday with John Luke and Sadie. She said on her Instagram account (@missmarymcmcmc) that the "warmest hug" she received from Taylor's mother was the highlight of the night. "What a night. Taylor Swift put on the best show yet. And her mom gave me the warmest hug. Best birthday ever. Thank you," she wrote.

Meanwhile, Sadie said that the Robertson family is very excited for the upcoming wedding of John Luke to Mary Kate on June 27.

However, Korie said the family is having problems with the list of invitation. She told FOX411, "Things are coming along. The hardest part is figuring out the invite list. We've got big families."

Dad Willie is planning a big surprise to John Luke on his wedding day, reported Christian Today. That is his tradition to 'embarrass' the family. He said, "I embarrass them a lot. I embarrass the heck out of them but that's kind of my job. It's fun playing that role."