Xbox Live With Gold Free Games June 2015 (Xbox One, Xbox 360): Massive Chalice, Thief, Just Cause 2

( [email protected] ) Jun 05, 2015 07:04 PM EDT
Xbox One Games with Gold

Xbox Live Gold members are getting three free games in June 2015, according to Major Nelson. These include Massive Chalice, Just Cause 2, and Thief. Also, PoolNation FX will be free for yet another month. The games are only available to those who paid the subscription for Xbox Live Games with Gold. In the sections below, we will examine what is available on the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Free Games on Xbox One

As of Monday, June 1, Xbox 360 owners can try out Massive Chalice for free. This turn-based, squad-tactics game has players battling each other on an over-the-top 3D environment. There are various classes that include Hunters, Alchemists, and Caberjacks. Depending on choice, each player will have different skill-sets and attacks. Games Radar recently compared Massive Chalice's gameplay with that of XCOM.

Pool Nation FX is getting yet another extension. The game has already appeared on the Games with Gold Free Games list in April and May. That means Xbox One subscribers are getting three months of free Pool Nation gameplay. The game is set in a virtual pool environment that boasts photo-realistic graphics and real-world physics. There will be a variety of playing modes that includes online matches. Gameplay revolve around rule sets. If the player is up to the task, he or she may compete in Leagues.

Both games are available for free download until June 31.

Free Games on Xbox 360

Xbox 360 members will get two AAA titles for this month.

Starting on June 1, players can download the open world action-adventure title Just Cause 2. Set in the fictional Southeast Asian island of Panau, players will embark on a U.S. government mission to oust an oppressive dictator. However, things are not as they seem to be. The dystopian nation is rife with corruption ranging from crooked-authorities to organized crime. Amidst the chaos, shadowy world leaders manipulate the politics. First released back in 2010, the game has a retail value of $14.99.

On June 15, the game Thief will replace Just Cause 2 on the free games list. Thief is the fourth installment in the popular cult-classic series of the same title. Players will take on the role of Garret, master thief and stealth guru. The character embarks on missions to steal from the wealthy in a medieval-inspired universe. Players will have at their disposal grappling hooks, compound bows, and club to knock out enemies. Garret also has the ability to pickpocket and create distractions.

Thief is set to expire on June 30.