326 March for Nation, 327 March for Jesus

Jesus in Wanhua, He is Alive!
( [email protected] ) Mar 28, 2005 11:40 AM EST

Taiwan, Wanhua -- On Mar 26, country men participated in the 326 march planned by the Democratic Progressive Party. On Mar 27, a bunch of passionate Christians marched on the streets of Wanhua for Jesus. Even though these two marches were separated by just one day, they amplify two completely different messages. The former marched for the kingdom on earth, while the latter marched for the kingdom in heaven. Jesus Christ, the prince of peace was born in a humble and shabby way, crucified on the cross, and resurrected from the dead. In Taiwan’s state of unrest, 327 March for Jesus brought the message of peace and joy to Taiwanese. Isn’t this what the people in Taiwan really need?

“Jesus in Wanhua, He’s Alive!” is the first Easter celebration where the churches in Wanhua district have jointly hold this event. The directing committee Taipei Christian Church Alliance and Wanhua District Minister’s Prayer Fellowship hopes that churches, ministries, and communities can unite with one another.

The directing committee reveals that through this March for Jesus, the sons and daughters of God can together proclaim the Lord’s name in Wanhua district, allowing the Lord’s name to be glorified in the gentile land.