'Arrow' Season 4 Spoilers, Air Date, and Cast: Roy Not Returning Next Season

( [email protected] ) Jun 08, 2015 11:47 PM EDT
Arrow Season 3.
(Photo : Season 4 coming this fall.)

CW's Arrow Season 4 release date may be unconfirmed, but one theory suggests an early October premiere. Though not much is known about the plot, story clues were revealed in the more recent Season 4 trailer. Apart from actor Colton Haynes, most of the cast is returning for the upcoming new season. So, Team Arrow is largely intact.

In the sections below, we will explore the current situation in the days leading to the Arrow Season 4 debut.

When is the Release Date? October Date Likely

According to Den of Geeks, one way to predict the premiere date is to look at previous season release cycles. For instance, Arrow has debuted on the first Wednesday of October for three consecutive seasons. Theoretically, Arrow Season 4 should premiere on Wednesday, October 7th.

At this time, it does not seem likely that the network will deviate from previous release cycles. Naturally, this does not rule out the possibility that CW may follow a different schedule for this year. Fans will have to hope that this does not happen.

Roy Not Returning Next Season

Actor Colton Haynes, who plays series regular Roy Harper, is not coming back for Season 4. Last season, his character had to flee Starling City after being rescued from prison by Team Arrow. Roy had selflessly turned himself in as The Arrow, when police mistook the superhero as a murderer.

Eventually resettling in Monument Point, Roy begins living under the assumed name of Jason. Ollie's sister Thea eventually pays him a visit - bring him his vigilante suit. Despite having a brief affair with Thea, Roy decides to leave Monument Point for good. Before doing so, he writes a letter urging Thea to live the life Oliver sacrificed his soul for. Roy also leaves behind his Arsenal suit for Thea to wear when fighting crime.

It is uncertain when or whether Haynes will be returning in future seasons.

Possible Main Villain

TVLIne's Michael Ausiello predicted that Damien Darhk may be the main villain in the upcoming fourth season. So far, this mysterious character has only been mentioned by name. In the episode Al Sah-him, Ra's tells Oliver that Damien leads a "hive of followers" who has defected from the League of Assassins.

This quote is a cheeky reference to H.I.V.E. - the same international criminal organization featured in the comic book source material. According to DC Lore, Damien Darhk happens to be the group's leader.

H.I.V.E was also mentioned in Season 2, when Diggles finds out that the organization murdered his brother. Whether or not he gets revenge remains to be seen.

In the Arrow TV show, Darhk was once Ra's al Ghul's loyal companion. Their friendship soured after Ra's was chosen to lead the Assassins. Damien apparently felt he was more worthy of the position. Ra's hesitated in killing his friend. This leads to Darhk escaping and forming a rival organization modeled on the League. Naturally, the main villain's identity will only be confirmed in Season 4.