Taiwan Church Plants Seeds for Church Growth

( [email protected] ) Apr 08, 2005 05:25 AM EDT

Tea Mountain Presbyterian Church in Taiwan is hoping for cultural, spiritual and financial growth through sowing a millet crop, reported by Council for World Mission.

The Aboriginal church in Tsou of Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) sowed crop in mid-march and is expecting a harvest in July or August in the midst of financial difficulties. The act also helps to share traditions of the local tribal culture. The profits from the harvest will be used for repairs and to fund church ministries constructions such as a classroom for religious and cultural education work.

The project is expected to promote tourism. The traditional Tsou method of scaring birds from crops attracts visitors; the village plans to invite tourists during the crop harvest.

Pastor Pasuya Tiaki'ana of the Aboriginal church said that he hopes that the cooperation in the project will also strengthen the spiritual life of the church.