'The Blacklist' Season 3 Air Date, Spoilers, and Cast: Season 2 Finale Recap

Jun 10, 2015 04:56 PM EDT

After the success of the Season 2 Finale of The Blacklist, this has left viewers wondering what in the world could be in store for its Season 3 Premiere, not to mention all the episode of the season.  With the main characters going from good guys to FBI's most wanted, there is a lot that can happen as far as romance and intrigue. 

According to the Ecumenical News, it is possible that Liz Keen (Megan Boone) will have some kind of odd love triangle involving Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) and Raymond Reddington (James Spader).  Fans seem to want to speculate a romantic relationship between Liz and Red, but Megan Boone has clarified that Liz and Red's relationship exhibits a "confusing" type of love. 

It was pretty clear from the Season 2 Finale that Liz loves Tom.  In case you missed the season finale, here is a summary with some spoilers:  It began with Elizabeth Keen being interrogated by two FBI agents, who seem to know about her Russian birth as well as her real name, Masha Rostova.  Red manages to use his influence to cut the power to FBI headquarters and have Cooper rescue her from there. 

Liz then joins up with Tom as they go after a Russian spy named Andropov, but men from the Cabal kill Andropov before the two can get to him.  Tom and Liz admit their feelings to each other and end up spending a night together romantically. 

Later on, when Liz shoes up at a banquet to confront Connolly, where she shoots the crooked Attorney General.  Suddenly, Liz remembers everything about the night of the fire, as Liz was the one who shot and killed her own father. 

Liz then reunites with Red and they get into a van and flee the country together, as Liz soon becomes one of FBI's most wanted, as she is being framed for the murder of a United States senator.  Red is also put on this most wanted list. 

So it looks like Liz and Red are now in the same boat, and she could be separated from Tom, her supposed true love for the entirety of Season 3.  However Red's actions in the Season 2 season finale seem to show love for her.  However, can Red actually love anyone considering his just odd and mysterious past?  It is possible that this is what the show is about? 

The Latin Post describes Season 3 as returning to "a very different show".  This is a quote from Megan Boone, who states that "Season 3 is going to be the same characters but a different show, a very different dynamic". 

Boone did not give away anything specific, but stated that the task force is "imploding" which means that the structure of The Blacklist will change.  Also, with Boone working outside the law instead of in it, it will hardly be police procedural anymore. 

In fact, with Liz being a fugitive, it makes it very complicated if she and Tom will ever have their happy ending.  The Hollywood Reporter recently interviewed Ryan Eggold, the actor who plays Tom, and he explained that The Blacklist Seasons 1 and 2 focused on unveiling the biggest series questions, but the next seasons will be about finding answers.