Xbox Live Gold Free Games for June 2015 Lineup: Microsoft Has Not Announced July Free Titles at E3 Conference

( [email protected] ) Jun 15, 2015 04:48 PM EDT
Xbox One Games with Gold

Xbox Live Gold always has its share of free games available for subscribers, and the June 2015 selection is readily available. What is available for July 2015 is anyone's prediction, but a recent E3 2015 announcement just granted Xbox Live Gold members even more free games, thanks to EA.

A recent post on Attack of the Fanboy has revealed that Xbox Live Gold Members will get something exclusive during E3 2015. Apparently, Microsoft has been hyping up their E3 2015 presentation by sending out emails that end with "Our Xbox Live Gold Members can expect and exclusive deal at XboxE3".

So what can this be? Speculation includes something small like an avatar or a discount, then there are other rumors of something bigger like Rise of the Tomb Raider beta or even betas for Halo 5: Guardians or Fable Legends. As it turns out, Gamespot reports that all Xbox Live Gold members will be able to play EA Access Vault games for the next week.

EA Access is the publisher's subscription service only available on Xbox One that provides members with free access to a selection of games, discounts on digital content, and early access to games. An EA executive Peter Moore also announced that Titanfall and Dragon Age: Inquisition are both on their way to Access. Inquisition will be available until the summer, but Titanfall is expected this week. As for the free to play Vault games, they include Battlefield 4, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, FIFA 15, Need for Speed Rivals, and many others.

As for the Live Gold free games available for July 2015, there is no word on that, and that information never comes forward until the end of the month. Until then, here are the Games with Gold that are available for the month of June.

Xbox 360 subscribers can try out Massive Chalice, a turn-based, squad tactics game with players going up against each other in a 3D environment. The various classes of characters include Hunters, Alchemists, and Caberjacks.

Also available is Pool Nation FX, a game of billiards that uses very realistic physics engine for very superior gameplay and photo-realistic graphics. This game was also available for free during April and May, which makes it the third month it has been available for free.

For the Xbox 360, players were treated earlier this month with an open world action-adventure title Just Cause 2. June 15th has revealed its replacement with Thief. Thief is the fourth installment of the popular cult classic series as the character embarks on missions to steal from the wealthy in this medieval-inspired universe. The player is Garret, who can pickpocket, cause distractions, and use weapons to take out enemies. This game will be available until June 30th.

Xbox Live Gold program is a paid subscription service for the Xbox community, but Xbox users can sign up for free. With Gold comes features like online gaming, private chat, and much more. Microsoft really sweetened this deal back in E3 2013 when they announced their Games with Gold program, which allows Xbox 360 subscribers to receive a complimentary game twice a month, while Xbox One subscribers receive one game per month.