Fast and Furious 8 Cast, Plot Spoilers, Release Date: Will Paul Walker's Brother Cody Have A Role?

( [email protected] ) Jun 16, 2015 06:29 PM EDT
Fast and Furious 8 may be a long way from seeing its release date, but this has not stopped speculation concerning the cast and plot for the upcoming feature.

Fast and Furious 8 may be a long way from seeing its release date, but this has not stopped speculation concerning the cast and plot for the upcoming feature. The majority of the cast will return including leading man Vin Diesel, who plays main protagonist Dom Torreto. Amongst popular rumors, Paul Walker's brother Cody may be getting a new role in the next film. Furious 8 is expected to debut on April 14, 2017.

Actor Dwayne Johnson Returning as Luke Hobbes

Actor Dwayne Johnson may reprise his role as DSS Federal Agent Luke Hobbes. In May, Johnson was asked by NerdReport whether he would be back for Fast and Furious 8.  

"Of course, can't go on without Hobbs," Johnson answered.

Fast and Furious producers have yet to officially confirm whether the Hobbs character will show up in Furious 8. Johnson finished work in the film San Andreas, which opened in theaters on May 29.

Kurt Russell Casting in 'Furious 7' Was Part of a Larger Plan

Iconic action star, Kurt Russell, is said to be returning in Furious 8 - after a cameo appearance in the previous feature. Russell had starred as Mr. Nobody, the shadowy government agent who recruits Dom and Crew to rescue a kidnapped hacker name Ramsey.

In late March, Vin Diesel said on Jimmy Kimmel Live that Russell will be appearing in a future New York storyline. Kurt was specifically hired in Furious 7 to appear in that scene, Vin Diesel revealed.

It is unclear how much of the film will be based in New York. Previous Furious films have included scenes from cities including Rio de Janeiro, London, Dubai, and Tokyo. Even so, the series consistently returns to its roots in Los Angeles.

Russell is perhaps better known for his role as Snake Plissken in the 1981 cult-classic Escape from New York. Hence, rumors suggest that it is no coincidence he is showing up for Furious 8 in New York City.

Cody Walker May (Or May Not) Have Expanded Role in Furious 8

The brother of actor Paul Walker is rumored to getting his own part in Furious 8. Paul was tragically killed in car crash in 2013, before Furious 7 filming was completed. After a long period of inactivity, filming resumed with brothers Cody and Caleb agreeing to fill in as Paul in some scenes. The movie was completed in record time, and has went on to make $1.32 billion in global earnings .

Rather than killing off Paul Walker's character, Brian O'Connor, showrunners have decided to place him in happy retirement.

According to Enstarz, producers would be at a potential disadvantage to keep Cody as a fill-in for Paul Walker. The publication explained that fans would only "be reminded of the tremendous loss."

Meanwhile, Cody Walker expressed interest to participate in the eight Furious installment as a new character if given the chance. Still, it is not entirely impossible for producers to gloss over anything connected to Brian O'Connor in future installments.

In short, it is too early in Furious 8's development to determine whether Cody will be returning.