xxxChurch Wants Couples to Have Better Sex for a Stronger Marriage

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Craig Gross, founder of, X3watch and speaker at iParent.TV is encouraging Christian couples to have better sex for a stronger marriage.

Craig Gross, founder of, X3watch and speaker at iParent.TV is encouraging Christian couples to have better sex for a stronger marriage.

Gross teamed up with Dave Willis, founder of, to release a video series entitled, "Best Sex Life Now," to encourage couple to have better sex, reported Charisma News.

Gross said in an interview, "Sex is an important part of marriage, and couples who have healthy sex lives generally have healthy marriages." He added, "The church often glosses over the serious issues many couples have in the bedroom. There is so much opportunity to explore God's intention for married couples to have great intimacy. We don't claim to have all things figured out but if we can begin to get couples to have a conversation and talk openly about sex with each other, I believe we will see stronger, happier marriages."

The "Best Sex Life Now" is a 10-series video featuring Craig and Jeanette Gross and Dave and Ashley Willis that discusses sex life and how it would help improve a couple's relationship. The topics include,

1.      Unmet Expectations-many couples have unrealistic or unreal expectations about sex, especially if they remained virgins before marriage. The video helps couples identify their unmet expectations and explains how to navigate them.

2.      Unhealthy Body Images-many married individuals, especially women, suffer from poor body images and feel uncomfortable being naked with their spouse. The Willises share how to gain confidence in your body the way God made you, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

3.      Incompatible Sex Drives-often in marriage, one partner desires sex more than the other. "Best Sex Life Now" helps couples learn what to do when you want sex more than your spouse. 

Willis added, "A lot of couples are unsatisfied with their sex lives, but don't know what to do to make them better. I believe God's desire is that all married couples have great sex. It's time we stop looking at sex as a taboo topic, and start looking at it as an amazing gift from God."

Sex Toys Are OK for Couples

Gross and David also touched on another taboo subject of using sex toys to enhance the relationship. According to porn pastor Gross, using sex toys inside the marriage bedroom is fine but couples should stay away from the ones used in the 50 Shades of Grey, said Christian Post.

Gross said, "We go to adult trade shows ... every sex toy imaginable is there ... I'd say some of the stuff is harmless but over the years it seems to be getting darker and darker. When it gets dark or when it gets harmful, that's a whole another level where if you're in love with this person, why you'd want to harm them or hurt them, I don't know."

But the use of whips, chains and handcuffs should not be part of those sex toys, he said.

"So many Christians look at sex as a chore, but sex is supposed to be fun! It's God's way of keeping intimacy and romance in a marriage," Gross added. "A lot of couples feel stuck in a rut sexually, but by encouraging open communication about their love life, couples can have mind-blowing sex for their whole lives - like God intended."

xxxChurch is an anti-porn Christian-based organization that raises awareness of the role of pornography in religion and helps men and women overcome their addictions.

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