Lego Jurassic World Review, Release Date and Trailer for PS4 and Xbox One

( [email protected] ) Jun 17, 2015 07:17 PM EDT
With Lego Jurassic World coming out on June 12, players can relive moments from the first three Jurassic Park films and Jurassic World.

With Lego Jurassic World coming out on June 12, players can relive moments from the first three Jurassic Park films and Jurassic World. The title is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS. The date of the game's release happens to coincide with the theatrical debut of Jurassic World.

As a word of warning, there will be minor spoilers ahead. Luckily, we will only be covering material from the original Jurassic Park portion of the game.

Movie Moments Revisited

As with every past Lego title, this game replaces violence with harmless gags and humor. For instance, the infamous raptor transfer scene from the first Jurassic Park prologue has been significantly toned done. Rather than eating a hapless worker, the raptor snatches sausage from the victim.

Other film recreations include a scene where Dr. Ellie jumps into a pile of triceratops poo - leaving other characters gagging with disgust. The Lego rendition has Ellie pulling out an electric guitar amongst other clues.

In the final scene showing the last chopper leaving Jurassic Park, Muldoon runs after the departing aircraft while being chased by a T-Rex. Though this is non-canonical to the film franchise, Warner Bros. Interactive still needs to keep the story PG. So, this depiction is understandable.

Though out the experience, players will be accompanied by Mr. DNA - the goofy cartoon character who explained to tourists how dinosaurs were created in the first Jurassic Park.

Puzzles and Gameplay

Thankfully, the game retains most of the original Lego games puzzle features. Those familiar with the gameplay will recall having to overcome obstacles by building something. Money can be had by busting lego structures into tiny pieces. These are elements that make the series satisfying and enjoyable.

Another bonus is that combat has been reduced. Considering the series has been designed for children, players have always defeated opponents by smashing them to pieces. After a while, this became overly repetitive.

One notable gameplay feature allows players to run around as dinosaurs. There is amber hidden throughout each level. According to Jurassic Park lore, scientists were able to extract dino-DNA from ancient mosquitoes that were entombed in amber. These samples were used to create the park's dinosaurs. In the Lego game, players can collect pieces of amber to make dinosaurs.

Bugs and Issues

As with every new game release, there are always the occasional bugs and glitches. For instance, Ian Malcolm gets stuck in the bridge while solving a math riddle. Other notable issues include Ellie being unable to restore the power on level four.

Naturally, the majority of the bugs will be fixed in patches that will come out in the following weeks.