Global Day of Prayer in Taiwan Held Next to Kao-hsiung Harbor

Seven Churches uniting together to prayer everyday for one year.
( [email protected] ) May 19, 2005 12:09 PM EDT

Kao-hsiung - 10 Days of Prayer

Kaohsiung, Taiwan – 10 Days Prayer in Kao-hsiung district was held at three different churches, Taiwan Lutheran Ho-chin Church and Lutheran True Jesus Church, and Fengshan Baptist Churches. For 10 days of prayer, these churches rotated in holding prayer meetings for duration of four to two hours each time. Around 20 or more churches participated and led the prayer meetings. For the first time in the history of Kao-hsiung churches, this is the first time that so many different churches linked hands to pray with such determination. On May 16, in response to the announcements made on the Global Day of Prayer website, 7 churches will unite together to pray for the entire year. This is the first time that Kao-hsiung is doing an days and nights prayer through this entire year. Prayer watchers believe that through this the spiritual conditions in this city would drastically change.

Kao-hsiung District - Global Day of Prayer

Around the afternoon, believers from all over the Southern part of Taiwan began to gather at Kao-hsiung harbor in preparation for the Global Day of Prayer. Approximately hundreds of pastors gathered, three thousands believers participated. Across from the meeting spot is Chi-jin, which was where the gospel was first introduced in the island of Taiwan, thus, to hold the prayer gathering here has a rather significant meaning.

The prayer conference was separated into three different parts. In the beginning, a pastor shared the testimony of Dr. James Laidlaw Maxwell, who came to Taiwan for mission and established the first Presbyterian churches, encouraging the crowd to follow the example to proclaim the gospel. Following the testimony, another pastor led the crowd in prayer of repentance and in church revival, and for people of Taiwan to return to the Lord.

The second part was led by a combination of the praise team and a pastor. They prayed for Taiwan’s government, businesses, media, education, and spiritual conditions of Taiwan.

The third part of the gathering is led by the leaders of the shepherd prayer group. They first prayed for the western missionaries, who came to Taiwan, and their descendants. Then, they prayed for blessings towards Taiwan, China, Israel, and various other nations.

As the prayer meeting came to an end in the afternoon, the sun has set and wind is blowing in from the harbor. In this kind of imagery, the shepherds on the stage and the believers standing together read the prayer for “Praying for the World”, marking the period for the gathering; they will continue to pray at the seven churches, which marks the beginning of “Blessing Community for 90 days” –every Christian would care for one person each day and proclaim the gospel to one person.

515 Taipei “Powerful Prayer Bringing Revival” Prayer Conference