Jurassic Park 5 Release Date, Spoilers; Did Jurassic World Deaths Crossed The Line? Movie Review included

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Well, with Jurassic World shattering box-office records, it's pretty clear that a Jurassic Park 5 or Jurassic World 2 is on its way.  It is only a matter of time before Jurassic Park 5 has a release date, but many are complaining that Jurassic World deaths crossed the line.
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Well, with Jurassic World shattering box-office records, it's pretty clear that a Jurassic Park 5 or Jurassic World 2 is on its way.  It is only a matter of time before Jurassic Park 5 has a release date, but many are complaining that Jurassic World deaths crossed the line. 

According to Screen Rant, it sounds like that there will be a Jurassic Park 5, it will contain Chris Pratt.  When he was asked if he signed on for future installments, his response was "I am.  They have me for I think 38 movies or something". 

It would certainly be no surprise that Pratt would be back as Owen Grady, but director Colin Trevorrow shared with Cinema Blend one of the obvious set-ups for a sequel as Dr. Wu (the only cast member from the original Jurassic Park movie to return for Jurassic World) is seen leaving the island via helicopter with a case full of dinosaur embryos.  Essentially, he succeeds where Dennis Nedray from the first film failed, to steal Jurassic Park intellectual property, and this could lead to other attempting to clone dinosaurs. 

By the way, Treverrow has said that he has no intention of coming back and directing a Jurassic Park 5, but a separate article from Cinema Blend written one year ago said sequels to Jurassic World were already being planned. 

If there are plans to make more Jurassic World movies, then there is room for improvement.  A recent article on No Film School discussed the many deaths in Jurassic World, and how that it wasn't that the dinosaurs were eating people, it was how they were to eat people that mattered.  As someone who saw this film, I could tell which characters would die the moment they were introduced, it was always the ones who had so much hubris and kept thinking that these dinosaurs could be somehow controlled.  They might as well have been wearing signs on their backs reading "Dino chow", and I'm going to state the problems with this in my review. 

Okay, I'm going start my review of Jurassic World and say that I think that it is bad.  I had heard somewhat good things about it from Chris Stuckmann, a reviewer who takes an honest look at film.  The problem that I have with the film is it is downright unintelligent. 

This is not to say that the first Jurassic Park movie was completely cerebral, but considering that most monster movies are at best B-rated films, Steven Spielberg knew how to take that to the next level.  I suppose that is Spielberg's gift, taking what is normally crowd-pleasing schlock and making it somehow meaningful.  Jurassic World is able to take intelligent concepts and then turn them inside out into dumbness. 

I remember seeing the sequel in early November of last year and thinking that this film had potential.  When I first heard of Jurassic Park, the book, in the late eighties, I remember it hearing described as a zoo filled with dinosaurs.  In neither the book nor the movie Jurassic Park is the setting a zoo filled with cages and artificial habitats, but a natural wildlife safari setting.  Jurassic World begins by showing that technology enabled us to create a zoo of dinosaurs so people feel totally safe visiting them.

The film begins with really dumb shot of dinosaur eggs being hatched.  Of course, there are threatening eyes and claws, with the Jurassic World logo proudly displayed.  It then cuts to this series of shots of two kids travelling to Isla Nublar, and then seeing the view of the dinosaur park from their hotel.  Now there is where you put the title shot!  That opening hatching scene felt like a management decision, and poor taste. 

I have to like the way the dinosaur zoo is set up, as a world of glass just waiting to be shattered.  Humanity's pride clearly is not satisfied with cloned dinosaurs, and they want something more.  So then the park clones something that is bigger, louder, and more teeth.  So they create a monster called an Indominus Rex, a name that even the film admits is pretty stupid, but hey, it's marketable! 

Now the big problem is Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), an executive at the park, has to test to see that the pen holding the new dinosaur is safe.  Claire is introduced as a workaholic, and there is a shot of her coming out of an elevator that makes her look like a robotic mannequin come to life. 

Claire then gets Owen Grady, played by the crowd-pleasing Chris Pratt.  Now, this Indominus Rex is made up of some "classified" genes that Claire has not been given clearance for.  This means that it is intelligent, and why in the world are we cloning something that is smarter than us? 

Seriously, this Indominus Rex ends up missing in its cage as infrared can't find it.  Owen notices claw marks on the wall, and the trainer of raptors just assumes that it escaped.  Actually, the monster is able reduce its own body temperature.  So does it know what the humans are going to do?  How can it possibly know how the controls of its own cage work?  How does it understand that it is being scanned with infrared scanners?  Get this dinosaur playing chess! 

So the dinosaur didn't escape, but it made itself look like it escaped.  After it eats some fat guys (all fat guys get eaten in this film), an army of deliberately non-lethal weapons track the Indominus Rex.  Unfortunately, the Indominus Rex can camouflage itself, and eats some more guys.  You see, it actually clawed out its own transmitter, because it somehow figured out what that was in spite of never seeing a receiver.   Man, he's smart! 

Now, remember those kids I was talking about?  Yeah, their parents are getting a divorce.  Oh, that sucks.  Why is it brought up?  Why is the kid thinking about it while on a monorail in a land of dinosaurs when he was so excited before? 

Now, these kids are on this ball of a vehicle, and they deliberately take it out of the dinosaur area.  Now, when these ball vehicles were introduced, I thought they were on tracks.  They aren't.  Seriously, they let these people roll around with manual controls.  What if someone doesn't come back?   Anyway, the kids meet the Indominus Rex, and the scene is supposed to look like the scene from Jurassic Park where the kids meet the T-Rex, but is not even close to achieving its impressiveness. 

Now, one of the actual guys in charge of the park has just learned to fly a helicopter.  No, he isn't even done with his pilot training.  But this guy finds two military guys, one of them a gunner, and they try to take out the Indominus Rex.  They fail, and one of the military guys just slips out, not even wearing a seatbelt or strap or anything.  Yeah, he was one of them that I knew would die. 

By the way, the helicopter crash frees some Pterodactyls, and these flying dinosaurs eat the tourists.  What is worse is how Claire's assistant dies.  All she was supposed to do was look after Claire's nephews, but they got away from her.  Not only does a pterodactyl pick her up, it drops her in the water.  At first I think a big dinosaur introduced earlier will eat her, but no.  The pterodactyl literally dives into the water to pick her up again.  Then the big dinosaur eats her and the pterodactyl.  That is just an unjustified death, honestly. 

Okay, now that the dinosaur is lose, how do you hunt it down?  Oh, I know, get some raptors.  Fortunately, this one military guy named Hoskins has been wanting to train raptors to hunt for years. Seriously, there is an earlier scene with Hoskins talking with Owen about turning raptors to be soldiers.  Okay, let's just contemplate how stupid that is.  Does Hoskins really want to create a boot camp to train raptors and send them out in the field?  Does he really think that the raptors won't just eat the drill instructor?  Is this really where we are at with are technology and military hubris? By the way, he's fat too, so he's dead.

So the raptors are sent out to hunt the Indominus, and guess what, the raptors join him!  I wish I could get some subtitles on the roars, because I'm sure the Indominus Rex would be saying:  "Hey, why are you hunting me down, I'm part raptor!"  Then then raptors would be saying:  "Yeah, let's all go take down these stupid humans."

This entire film leads up to the Indominus eventually facing off with a T-Rex, with a raptor getting involved, and then the big water monster has the last bite. 

Do you see what this is?  It is a way of milking the profits from the first Jurassic Park movie from 20 years ago, and an excuse for effects.  I can't help but feel that I paid money for this, and I realized how I was fooled.  I really hope that Independence Day Resurgence doesn't try this formula.