Warrior's 1st-Round Pick Kevon Looney on NBA Draft 2015, Christian Faith: ‘Always Keep Your Faith and Pray’

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The NBA Draft took place this week, and Kevon Looney of UCLA is one of 60 people participating this year; he was selected by the Golden State Warriors at No. 30 on Thursday. His press conference focused on his prospects and his faith in God.
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The NBA Draft took place this week, and Kevon Looney of UCLA is one of 60 people participating this year; he was selected by the Golden State Warriors at No. 30 as 1st-round pick on Thursday. His press conference focused on his prospects and his faith in God.

In a video exclusively obtained by the Gospel Herald, Looney talked about his health status, what teams could select him, and his Christian faith. The video starts out with Looney elaborating on his health status; he has been living with a lung condition called asthma his entire life.

"A lot of teams aren't too worried about it," Looney said of his asthmatic condition. "A few teams have asked me about it, but I think I have it under control."

Although he was injured, Looney contended that he was able to get back into better shape.

"I've been at the track and have done a lot of running so I can get faster and be in better shape," Looney said. "That's what I've been doing. Hopefully when I go back, I can practice in the gym. I've been prepping myself to get ready."

Looney added that he did not work out with the Philadelphia 76ers.

A new reporter asked Looney to describe his gameplay to those who have never seen him play before.

"I would describe my game as versatile," Looney quipped. "Some of you would say that I play inside and out. I put the ball on the floor and let it happen."

Another reporter pointed out that Looney met with Knicks coach Phil Jackson. He asked the NBA draftee on how that meeting went with the Zen Master, which involved the "triangle offense."

"I can't go into detail on what I've been through," Looney said. "It's real specific, and we watched a lot of film. I think I learned a lot about it. I have a great feel for it."

The reporter then asked him about how he would fit within the Knicks offense.

"I watched the Lakers," Looney said. "I've watched Lamar Odom. I think I can do that, pass it good, take rebounds and shoot the ball. I paid attention to him, and that's who I want to be like [on the court]."

Looney indicated to the reporter that his game style has been compared to Odom's techniques. Another reporter stepped in, asking Looney what he knew about the triangle offense.

"I know a lot now after sitting down with Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher and the rest of the Knicks staff," Looney wrote. "They went over some things about it. I always watched the Lakers growing up, so I always enjoyed watching Kobe Bryant and others using the triangle, so I know a little bit now."

The reporter then asked Looney how his skills translated to that offense from the Knicks.

"I think it translates pretty well," Looney quipped. "I'd be able to play well under that system, with guys who play a beautiful game. I have a great feel for the game. The Lakers were able to push the ball and make plays throughout."

The reporter asked Looney when he sat down with the Knicks.

"About a week ago," Looney said after recalling the event.

Looney was asked how it would feel to play in Madison Square Garden in New York City.

"I would love to," Looney said excitedly. "Going from L.A. to New York would be amazing for me. Just to move and see different people, different media; I think I could fit in."

The reporter then asked him what it was like to meet Jackson.

"It was weird. He looked at me funny, and he tried to read me," Looney said. "It was amazing for me. Meeting Phil Jackson was a dream of mine, so to be able to meet him was surreal for me."

Another reporter asked him how his faith has affected his journey to the NBA Draft.

"Big time," Looney replied. "My mom actually is a preacher and a singer, so she preached to me every day. She would talk about life and how that every level is a new devil, so always keep your faith and pray."

Looney added that his mother prayed for him all the time. A reporter then asked him to reflect on the events of NBA Draft week.

"Everything is up in my head, where I'll go, where I'll work, so it's been a whirlwind for me," Looney said. "I can't really sleep. I can't even eat right now either."

Before the video's end, Looney hoped that "everyone" would like how the NBA Draft played out.

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