Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Windows 10 Release Date: Will There Be Subscription Cost After 1 Year?

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The Surface Pro 4 may have its release date after Microsoft launches Windows 10 PC edition on July 29.
Firmware ready to be downloaded to fix battery-draining bugs.

The Surface Pro 4 may have its release date after Microsoft launches Windows 10 PC edition on July 29.

Microsoft is currently urging Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 owners to sign up for the free Windows 10 update. Upon the Windows 10 launch, qualifying customers will only have up to one year to upgrade. Otherwise, the free offer expires.

Possible Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date

Officially, Microsoft has not confirmed the existence of the Surface Pro 4. In fact, many retails are still selling the Surface Pro 3, which was released last summer. However, this has not stopped the rumor mill from speculating on a possible Surface Pro 3 successor.

Originally, rumors indicated that the Surface Pro 4 will be reaching stores by July this year. However, Microsoft is still actively promoting the Surface 3, which was released earlier in April. Launching the Surface Pro 4 so soon may interfere with the Surface 3.

Instead, a prediction put forth by TechRadar seems more plausible. According to the publication, Microsoft may be launching Surface Pro 4 in August. Even so, this information is speculative.

Fan-Less Broadwell CPU Rumored to be in Surface Pro 4

Based on the latest tech gossip, the Surface Pro 4 may be Microsoft's first fan-less tablet. In order for that to happen, the device will have to include Intel's recently released Core M "Broadwell" processor. This is a big deal, considering that many users complained about the Surface Pro 3's excessive fan noise when overheating. With newer technology, the Surface Pro 4 should be running a lot quieter.

Windows 10 Features and Specs

Microsoft will naturally use the Surface Pro 4 to showcase Windows 10's many features. Notably, the new OS will reintroduce the Start Menu that was lost in Windows 8.1.

Previously, users were in an uproar when they found that Windows 8.1 had replaced the Start Menu with a clunky Start Screen. Many Windows 8.1 owners tried to restore the abandoned feature through third-party apps.

Windows 10 will come with Cortana - Microsoft's proprietary intelligent personal assistant software that assists users with personal tasks. The software is named for the artificial intelligence character from Microsoft's popular Halo videogame franchise. Jen Taylor provided the voice for both the software and videogame versions of Cortana.

Will Microsoft Add a Subscription Cost After the First Year

One popular web rumor suggests that Microsoft has plans to impose a subscription cost one year after Windows 10 is out. Consumer fears are unfounded, according to Microsoft.

"This is more than a one-time upgrade: once a Windows device is upgraded to Windows 10, we will continue to keep it current for the supported lifetime of the device - at no cost," Terry Myerson, Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Operating Systems, wrote for Windows Blog.

In short, Microsoft promises to support Windows 10 for life provided that the users updates within one year.

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