Herdboys Targets of Evangelism in Africa

Dec 29, 2003 12:40 PM EST

Lesotho -- Animals are very important to Africans. Held in higher esteem than monetary wealth, people want to be sure their animals are protected and led to good pasturage. In Lesotho, this task often falls to one of the children in the family, or a child hired from a very poor family. The child will stay with the herd night and day, in all weather. And in mountainous Lesotho, that can mean freezing temperatures and snow, with just a blanket to wrap around the body and a small hut for shelter.

Of course, this means the child is not free to pursue other activities, such as school.

That's opened the door for Africa Inland Mission's Steven and Pam Hill. Together they've started a project called, "Help" -- Herdboy Evangelism and Literacy Project.

Under the program, school children volunteer to watch the herd once a week, while the herdboys go to school. The village provides volunteer teachers and they use the Bible to help them learn to read.

AIM needs funding to help this unique program. It costs 40-dollars per child. The money helps supply literacy materials and other needed supplies.