Chinese Christians Commemorate World War II Victory 60th Anniversary, Call Out to Peace

August 15th marks the Chinese 60th anniversary commemoration of victory over Japan in World War II.
( [email protected] ) Aug 15, 2005 12:49 PM EDT

August 15th marks the Chinese 60th anniversary commemoration of victory over Japan in World War II. On August 14, 1945, Japan surrendered to the conditions set forth by China, United States, United Kingdom, and Soviet Union. In the morning of August 15th in China, the four nations declared through broadcast that Japan has surrendered; Japan emperor also announced the surrender in Japan on the same day. The announcement brought an end of 8-year war between China and Japan. After six decades, the Chinese today are commemorating the victory once again, and several religious leaders have voiced their hope for peace and reconciliation.

China¡¯s national religious associations on August 14th held the ¡°National Religious Commemoration of War against Japan and Fascism Victory 60th Anniversary Seminar¡± at National Politic Consultative Auditorium in Beijing. Over 80 representatives from large religious denominations attended the event. As the conference began, the attendants expressed their sorrow for those who died during the war. Chairman of the conference Bishop Ding Guangxun read off the ¡°National Religious Associations Peace Declaration.¡±

The declaration pointed out that corruption and atrocities continue to be rampant in different areas of the world and poses threat to world peace. For both believers and all people of the world, peace has been a ever-striving goal to achieve. Eliminating the roots of those corruption and atrocities of war is the Divine responsibilities of the believers to protect world peace.

The declaration also called forth all religions to work together to protect the peace, to improve their international relationships, to support and promote cross-religion conversations, strengthen communication and unity among religious believers, and establish a society of peace and harmony.

In Hong Kong, a ¡°Unity Prayer Meeting¡± was held on August 13th at Japan Christian Church. The Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement and Hong Kong Japan Christian Church hosted the meeting. Over 60 Hong Kong and Japanese believers attended the event.

According to Hong Kong Christian Times, the gathering was held in the format of worship. The event included scripture reading, prayers, choir dedication, a short film reflecting on World War II, announcements, and sharing messages from speakers. Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement General Director Hu Zhi Wei referred to Ephesians 2:13-17 and pointed out that when man is far from God, rage and hatred will fill his heart; only when we remove this barrier can man be in harmony. He said, to become reconciled, first each side must listen on one another; this is the core teachings that comes from the gospel. The gospel has the ability to reconcile.

Missionary Shu En Jue, who preached in Japan for 14 years, said during the gathering that many Japanese do not know about the history, and the right wing extremist in Japan are only few in numbers. She believes that for China and Japan to reconcile, the two must increase their conversations and sincerely research on the history of both nations.