Moto X, Moto G 2015 Release Date: Leaked Moto G 3rd Gen Renders Reflect Recent Rumored Specs

( [email protected] ) Jul 12, 2015 01:32 AM EDT

Anticipation for the Moto G (2015) and Moto X (2015) is building, amidst alleged photo leaks and computer-generated renders that have been surfacing on the web. As of now, Motorola has yet to confirm important details such as specs. Hence, the majority of information on the internet is based on rumors and hearsay.

Moto G (2015), When Will it be Available

Recently, leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer shared a series of beautiful 3D renders for the Moto G (2015).  Naturally, these images do not come from official sources, but reflect more recent rumor information. Hemmerstoffer also goes by the Twitter screen name @OnLeaks.

Information regarding possible release dates is sketchy at best. PCAdvisor believes that the new Moto G will debut at the upcoming IFA 2015 conference, where Motorola often features new devices. The UK-based publication also predicts that the Moto G 2015 will run on Google's latest Android 5.1.1 Lollipop firmware. Also, it might have 5-inch screen and Snapdragon 410 processor.

Though it is fun to speculate on the future, average consumers are advised to take any information regarding the new Moto G with a proverbial grain of salt.

Possible Release Date for Moto X

The third generation Moto X will likely be released in fall 2015, according to what was confirmed in March by Motorola president Rick Osterloh.

"We try to stay on a roughly annual cycle for all of our products including Moto X," Osterloh had tweeted in response to a question regarding Motorola's launch schedule for the next-gen Moto X.

In the previous two years, Motorola formally unveiled new Moto X models near the end of summer. The first-gen Moto X shipped out in late August 2013, while the Moto (2014) was available by September 2014.

Theoretically, that means the Moto X (2015) may occur somewhere between the months of August and September. However, this in no way means that there is confirmation. Ultimately, a number of factors will affect the Moto X (2015) release date. Changes to the launch schedule may or may not occur.

Meanwhile, there is no official information regarding the Moto X (2015) specs. However, GeekSnack reports that the Moto X 2015 supposedly has a 5.1 inch with QHD resolution. Under the hood, the device may contain a Snapdragon 810 processor with 3 GB RAM. The same publication claims that the Moto X 2015 may have up to 128 GB of internal storage.