iOS 8.4 Jailbreak Release Date, Bugs and Fixes: Apple Music, Wi-Fi Connectivity Problem

( [email protected] ) Jul 12, 2015 11:13 AM EDT

While iOS 8.4 is running smoothly for a number of Apple device users, others have reported bugs and issues. Admittedly, this is expected with any new major update. Happily though, there are fixes to some of these issues. Meanwhile, jailbreak users will be pleased to note that iOS 8.4 has been jailbroken.

New Feature: Apple Music

The main feature for iOS 8.4 is the all new Apple Music app. Users can now customize their playlists by adding their own pictures as well as description. The album artwork is displayed more prominently, which allows users to more easily select playlists.

Both iTunes Radio and the Beats 1 radio station have been updated as well. The iTunes Radio contains a collection of streamed music content, while Beats 1 features live shows.

Battery Drain Issue

Besides introducing the Apple Music app, iOS 8.4 fixes a number of bugs from previous iOS firmware. Still, a number of users have complained about problems associated with iOS 8.4.

One common issue reported is battery life problem that sometimes occur with new iOS updates. However, this should not dissuade users from downloading iOS 8.4. Not everyone experiences this problem. For those who are unlucky, battery life issues do eventually go away as the device adjusts to the new firmware.

Users can also extend battery life by paying close attention to what apps they are using, and uninstalling the ones that are seldom used. When under bad connectivity, devices tend to look for newer connections. This significantly drains the battery. In such a situation, users should switch to airplane mode in order to shut off connectivity. One battery-saving method involves turning off the automatic brightness.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Problem

Another widely reported issue involves Wi-Fi. Those who have issues should try resetting this function.

In order to do so for Wi-Fi, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. As a word of warning, all connection passwords will be lost. So, it is good to jot down those passwords for later reference.

Apple Messaging Woes

Perhaps the more annoying problem to surface with any iOS update is any issue with the Messages function. Some users have reported headaches with Messages after upgrading to iOS 8.4

Happily, one simple fix involves going into Settings > Messages. Once there, users can toggle iMessage off and on. Doing this seems to fix the problem for some users.

TaiG Releases iOS 8.4 Jailbreak

TaiG's jailbreak was confirmed on Twitter just hours after Apple began rolling out iOS 8.4. Since then, TaiG has released Jailbreak Tool Version 2.3.0. This latest update addresses a personal security flaw from the previous jailbreak tool. Jailbreak Tool Version 2.3.0 is designed for use with iOS 8.1.3 thru iOS 8.4 OS. That means handset owners can jailbreak iOS 8.3 as well.

However, users need to be cautious about where they download the newly-released jailbreak. TaiG also tweeted that another hacking group stole security exploits developed by the former. Jailbreak users should download their free copy of Jailbreak Tool Version 2.3.0 via TaiG's official website.