Concerning the Heavenly Man, Another Ministry Rises Up and Testifies

"The Heavenly Man" was published in 2001, but has since stirred up a controversy that has attacked the credibility of his testimony.
( [email protected] ) Sep 20, 2005 10:59 PM EDT

The Heavenly Man, a testimonial account of Brother Liu Zhenying who faced persecution in China, stirred up a controversy that has attacked the credibility of his testimony.

For the last several months, Asia Harvest has posted an open letter regarding "The Heavenly Man," that was written by Paul Hattaway, the author of book who wanted to clarify to the accuracy of his testimony.

Most recently, Revival Chinese Ministries International has also examined the allegations made by Pan, and stated that the materials found were "baseless," saying that the parties named and quoted were used "without their consent."

They released an open letter stating, "For the unity of churches, and in accordance with the scriptural truth, we hereby publicly testify that Brother Liu Zhenying (author of the Heavenly Man), our partner in the ministries and someone we know in-depth, is God’s faithful servant who lives by the gospel with humility and honesty," which was signed by Dennis Balcombe, the founder of RCMI, and others.

Titus Pan from Hamburg, Germany accused Liu of being a fraud, a con-man, a liar, and a thief, moreover, he took further action by endorsing his claim on the internet in the form of email campaigns, videos, cassette tapes, and DVDs. He also rallied support from local leaders in China against Liu, according to Hattaway.

Hattaway said, "All of my efforts to contact him have been left unanswered. What is even stranger is that Titus Pan in the late 1990s was a strong advocate for Brother Yun, even being the first person in the West to publicly promote Yun and his testimony."

Since The Heavenly Man was published in 2001, it has received the award of Christian Book of the Year in 2003 and Best Biography in 2004 in the UK.

The book has been translated into roughly twenty languages, gathering testimonies from around the world who have claimed they were "inspired" through Liu's strength in the face of his adversaries.