Second Planned Parenthood Video Shows Official Haggling Over Baby-Parts Price, Agreeing To Use 'Less Crunchy' Methods to Get 'Intact Specimens'

( [email protected] ) Jul 21, 2015 02:03 PM EDT
A horrifying new video released by the Center for Medical Progress shows a Planned Parenthood official negotiating the price of aborted baby parts and discussing "less crunchy" techniques to get "more intact" specimens.
A second video released by The Center for Medical Progress shows Planned Parenthood's Dr. Mary Gatter discussing the price of aborted baby parts with undercover CMP activists. YouTube

A horrifying new video released by The Center for Medical Progress shows a Planned Parenthood official negotiating the price of aborted baby parts and discussing "less crunchy" techniques to get "more intact" specimens.

The video, which was released Tuesday morning, features a woman identified as Dr. Mary Gatter, who served as president of the Planned Parenthood Medical Directors' Council until 2014 but currently works in a leadership and advisory capacity at the local and national level of the organization.

"What would you expect for intact tissue?" an undercover CMP activist posing as a fetal tissue buyer asks Gatter.

"Why don't you start by telling me what you're used to paying?" she replies.

Gatter and the prospective buyers, who appear to be at a restaurant, go back and forth negotiating on the price of aborted fetal remains before settling on $100.

"But you know, the money is not the important thing for me," Gatter says after agreeing to the price. "But it has to be big enough that it makes it worthwhile for me."

"Let me just figure out what others are getting, and if this is in the ballpark, then it's fine," she adds. "If it's still low, then we can bump it."

"I want a Lamborghini," Gatter laughingly concludes.

Gatter goes on to assert that Planned Parenthood is willing to alter its method of abortion in order to preserve so-called "intact specimens," or organs, of aborted babies.

"I wouldn't object to asking Ian, who's our surgeon who does the cases, to use an IPAS at that gestational age in order to increase the odds that he's going to get an intact specimen," she says.

Gatter also acknowledges that while it is a "violation of protocol" to alter the medical procedure used on a patient for the purposes of harvesting organs, those are simply "specious little arguments" against the process.

The trafficking of human organs has been a federal crime in the U.S. since 1984; however, Planned Parenthood has claimed it donates the specimens, charging only for the expenses it incurs, which is standard across the medical field.

In a similar video last week released by CMP, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood Federation of America's Senior Director of Medical Services, is shown negotiating the price of fetal body parts, and mentions the popularity of intact livers harvested from healthy babies who were aborted by Planned Parenthood.

"I'd say a lot of people want liver," Nucatola tells the prospective buyers over drinks. "Some people want lower extremities too, which, that's simple. That's easy. I don't know what they're doing with it, I guess if they want muscle."

In a statement released last week, Planned Parenthood apologized for "tone" of Nucatola's remarks, but did not deny the authenticity of the video or its content. The organization contended that it has fought "similar false accusations" of its practices before, accusing the Center for Medical Progress of promoting "a heavily edited, secretly recorded videotape."

Since the first video emerged last week, many Christian and Conservative leaders have called for an investigation into Planned Parenthood and denounced the practice of harvesting and selling aborted baby parts as "horrific."

However, President Barack Obama's top spokesman Josh Earnest has emphasized Obama will not agree with pro-life Republicans in Congress to revoke funding for Planned Parenthood, which received nearly $46 million in federal grants in 2015, according to government records, for non-abortion-related activities.

CMP's Project Lead David Daleiden notes, "Planned Parenthood's top leadership admits they harvest aborted baby parts and receive payments for this. Planned Parenthood's only denial is that they make money off of baby parts, but that is a desperate lie that becomes more and more untenable as CMP reveals Planned Parenthood's business operations and statements that prove otherwise."