Hong Kong Largest Ecumenical Union to Celebrate 90th Anniversary at Revival

The revival will be held from November 1st through 7th every night at 7:30pm at Tsim Sha Tsui Baptist Church.
( [email protected] ) Oct 31, 2005 03:12 PM EST

Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union (HKCCCU) will celebrate its 90th anniversary at the annual revival this year. The revival will be held from November 1st through 7th every night at 7:30pm at Tsim Sha Tsui Baptist Church.

Rev. Cheung Chong Kok, the chair for this year's revival, and others on the preparatory committee have been vastly publicizing for the event on Christian Times. In an article published, Rev. Cheung described the meaning of the coming event.

"The change in the social atmosphere has cooled the faith of many believers. We hope that through the coming revival the believers may be touched again by the Spirit through the gospel preached. We wish for their frozen hearts to be renewed with the fire of the Holy Spirit." Said Rev. Cheung.

Rev. Cheung Mo Oi from Kowloon City Baptist Church will lead this year's revival titled "Walk with the Lord in the Face of Difficult Times." Rev. Cheung was the president of Alliance Bible Seminary for over 20 years and preached a number of times at the annual HK Bible Conference, the largest ecumenical gathering in Hong Kong.

Christian leaders from various denominations will gather at the revival. Choirs from seven different congregations are scheduled to perform each night.

Rev. Chang Qi Ming, communications coordinator for the event, called for the cooperation of church leaders throughout Hong Kong. He asked churches to avoid holding church meetings at the time of the event and to place announcements on their Sunday bulletins and encourage their congregants to participate.

"In order for the revival to run successfully and reach its goal, not only do we need the Union's staff to devote themselves and work diligently and preparatory committee to draw out plans, also we need every participating leader, that is, ministers and deacons to help promote; this is very crucial."

HKCCCU currently has over 306 affiliated churches and over 200,000 members; it is the largest ecumenical union in Hong Kong. The organization's aim is to unite churches from various denominations to work as one in heart for the Lord.