Good TV Holds Thanksgiving Service ''Advancing 15'' in Taiwan

On Nov 10th, representatives from churches all over Taiwan gathered to participate in the Thanksgiving service of the 7th year anniversary of the world's first Chinese Christian satellite television
( [email protected] ) Nov 11, 2005 08:27 PM EST

Good TV, the world's first Chinese Christian satellite television station, began broadcasting in Taiwan on Sept, 1998. In the period before its 7th anniversary, God gave a very special gift: Good TV will move from channel 86 to channel 15, which will be provided to an audience numbering more than ten times its existing viewer rating. It is a greater burden. On Nov 10, a Thanksgiving service titled "Advancing 15" was held, and representatives from churches all over Taiwan and in giving glory and gratitude to God, hoping that churches in Taiwan can be revived and that they will unite in heart in order to capture the media outlet that can influence the whole world - Television Evangelism, and bringing the gospel to further places.

During the Thanksgiving service, Tony Tzeng reported on the latest developments and future goals. He first introduced the increasing ratings through AC NIELSON viewer report taken near the year end of 2003: Good TV now has over 3,200,000 consistent viewers. Its broadband reaches over 50 countries from around the world, and over 1,000,000 people visits their internet site. Now, through different media platforms (cable TV, Direct Satellite, Broadband Internet broadcasting), the television programs are being aired in Taiwan, China, South East Asia, and Western and Mid-western part of United States.

Tzeng, re-announced the vision of Good TV, "We are a family television station that values family value in order to proclaim the faith, hope and love of Christ, and the main goal that we have is to reach the un-reached people, who has not believed in the Lord, which consists of 97% of Taiwan's population. In addition, Good TV exists to change people's lives." Regarding future plans, Tony Tzeng shared the burden that he has toward China missions, "I believe the Chinese are a chosen people of God. One day, Chinese churches will revive. This is my dream. The first channel mainly airs training workshops and gospel programs, but we will open a second channel to be used as education channel, especially for the purpose of airing training programs to brothers and sisters in mainland China, training over 80 million to 1 billion Christian populations."

Good TV program director, Rev. Kou Shao En encouraged, "The happiest thing in serving is that it is impossible for man, but in God everything is possible. After Good TV entered channel 15, there will be many more opportunities to expose to a wide-range of audiences. Not only should we allow everyone to see good television shows, but we must also let them see the power of the gospel." He hopes that in addition to sharing the gospel to the unbelievers Good TV can allow the churches to unite, and reach the effect of joint resource usage, and producing a much greater spiritual influence.