iPod Touch 6th Generation Specs, Pricing, and Review: Great for Gaming, Music, Movies

( [email protected] ) Jul 30, 2015 09:43 PM EDT
Apple's iPod Touch 6th Generation came unexpectedly two weeks ago at a starting price of $199. The new device contains many new features and improved specs.
iPod 6 Touch finally released. Photo: Apple

Apple's iPod Touch 6th Generation came unexpectedly two weeks ago at a starting price of $199. The new device contains many new features and improved specs. In the sections below, we will be exploring reasons why some users may want to buy the iPod Touch 6th Generation.

Specs and Pricing

One thing consumers need to consider before buying is the pricing as well as the specs for the new iPod Touch. Prices vary depending on the internal storage capacity. For instance, the basic 16GB version costs $199, while the 32GB version sells for $249. The retail value for the 64GB version is $299, and the largest 128GB version is selling for $399. 

All iPod Touch 6th Generation devices come with an Apple A8 processor rated at 1.12 GHz, along with an M8 motion coprocessor. There is also a 4-inch display with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels. The new iPod Touch includes an advanced iSight and FaceTime HD Camera.

In contrast, the previous iPod Touch 5th Generation ran on the A5 processor. This means the iPod Touch 6th Generation future-proofed, and will have up-to-date specs for the next few years. Bear in mind, the iPod Touch 6 lacks some features including GPS and fingerprint sensor.

Though it possesses basic email and web browsing functions, the iPod Touch 6th Gen is not designed to make phone calls. Even so, the new iPod Touch is as powerful as an iPhone, which is great for iOS gaming and watching music/videos. Music can be accessed through Apple Music, and movies and shows can be acquired thru the Apple Store. As such, there are Apple users who may find having an extra iPod useful.

Who Would Buy

Parents may consider buying the iPod Touch 6th Generation for their kids in order to free up the iPhone and iPad at home. Though older iPod Touches are still available, they lack the processing power to play newer iOS games. Also, parents can prevent their children from receiving outside calls, which adds one layer of security. Still, web activity will need to be monitored since the new iPod Touch can access the internet.

Another group of people who may enjoy having an iPod Touch 6 are iOS gamers. For these individuals, it is important to remember that games do drain batteries quicker than videos and music. Based on benchmark tests that are available throughout the web, the iPod Touch 6's A8 processors seems to have no trouble handling newer graphic-intense iOS games.

Others may desire having the iPod Touch 6th generation for its ability to provide music and video entertainment without the need to pay expensive cellphone bills. With apps, it is possible to access phone call functions to the iPod Touch. As a bonus, many such apps offer free unlimited in-app calls and texting. This feature is perfect for cash-strapped college students.