iPhone 6S Leak Reveals Rumored Design and Features Like Force Touch, Stronger Aluminum Body

( [email protected] ) Jul 31, 2015 04:21 PM EDT
An intriguing new photo of an alleged iPhone 6S case has just been leaked. The image depicts a smartphone case that houses an image render of next iPhone iteration, giving us a preview of how the unannounced device will look like.
Leaked image of the iPhone 6S case gives us a glimpse of the upcoming model’s design. GSM Arena

If tech giant Apple sticks to its traditions, we can expect that its next smartphone models, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, will be released around September. With reports of the devices being in production already, it is not surprising to hear about rumors and leaked photos popping up around the web.

What caught our eye is an intriguing new photo of an alleged iPhone 6S case. The image depicts a case by ITSKINS which is first spotted by mobile-focused site GSM Arena. Inside the case is a render of next iPhone iteration, giving us a preview of how the unannounced device will look like.

Leaked photo of upcoming iPhone 6S case

This image is congruent with an earlier leaked photo obtained by 9to5Mac.  It suggests that not much will change about the device's appearance, which is not surprising because "S versions" of previous iPhones look significantly similar to their predecessors. The iPhone 6s portrayed in the photo seems to have the Power or Lock button on the same right edge of the device. On its rear, we can see the iSight camera placed on the upper left corner with the LED flash located on top of it.

However, there are some observable differences that point towards bigger internal improvements. According to Engadget Japan, alleged iPhone 6s schematics leaked by a source from a Chinese supply chain reveal that the iPhone 6s will be slightly thicker than the current iPhone 6. The source mentioned that the upcoming device will be 2mm thicker than its older sibling, a difference that will not be immediately noticeable to users.

iPhone 6S specs to expect

This purported iPhone 6S case is supported by another rumored photo by a French website that surfaced a few days ago. That image reportedly shows the iPhone 6S sporting the same design and reinforces the speculation that it will have a stronger aluminum body. In line with that, those extra 2mm could also signify that the device maker will indeed use an aircraft-grade, 7000-series aluminum. That may be seen as a move by Apple to address the "bendgate" issue where some iPhone 6 models supposedly bend with pressure when placed inside people's pockets.

The additional thickness can also be credited to the company's rumored integration of Force Touch into the iPhone 6S display. Force Touch, which allows Apple devices differentiate between various kinds of touches, is already present in new MacBooks and in the Apple Watch. However, no iPhone model has sported the said feature yet.

Despite numerous leaked images, Apple has been eerily silent about the specs of the forthcoming iPhone 6S. Several reports claim that it might be powered by a faster processor like the A9 chip with 2GB of internal memory. There are also speculations pointing to a possible 12-megapixel main camera with 4K video capture, 5MP front shooter, and Cat. 6 LTE support. It is also said that the iPhone 6S will come out running iOS 9 right out of the box.

Apple Insider cited sources in a report indicating that assembly of the upcoming smartphone already started in early July. If true, then the expected September release date of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus is likely to push through.

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