Microsoft Lumia Prototype Leaks, Rumored to Have Polycarbonate Body & Powerful Snapdragon 810 Processor

( [email protected] ) Jul 31, 2015 04:23 PM EDT
An alleged Lumia prototype has been spotted online sporting an HD display and a powerful Snapdragon 810 chipset.  The purported Microsoft Lumia photos show a device with polycarbonate body, Full HD display, and Snapdragon 810 chipset from Qualcomm.
Rumored photo of a mysterious Microsoft Lumia prototype leaked online. SZ Leaks via Baidu

Plenty of rumors have been floating around about potential Windows Phone flagships. But as weeks pass, things don't get any clearer. Instead, lots of new and different information keep popping up online.

Today, we are treated with another leak likely to cloud the waters even more. NokiaPowerUser reported that an alleged Lumia prototype has been spotted sporting an HD display and a powerful Snapdragon 810 chipset.  The photos are posted by user SZ Leaks on Baidu Tieba, China's version of the Google+ social network.

Could this leaked Microsoft Lumia prototype be the upcoming Lumia 950?

Although much has been rumored about the Lumia 950, Microsoft's supposed upcoming flagship, this leaked Windows Phone device has emerged to throw another entry into the crowded Lumia rumor mill. Previously speculated to be a prototype of the Lumia 830, pointed out that more specs have emerged that has lead them to believe that this is a different device.

Adding fuel to that fire is a SoftPedia post indicating that this latest Microsoft Lumia leak doesn't fit to the supposed profile of the Lumia 950. Previous reports mentioned that the 950 model will be furnished with a Quad HD display with 2560x1440 resolution along with a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 system-on-chip, like the chipset found in the current LG G4 flagship.

Unnamed Microsoft Lumia sports high-end specs

This purported Microsoft Lumia photo shows a device with polycarbonate body. It has an uncanny similarity to the Lumia 735 with its large buttons, but its distinct camera hump also makes it pretty much like the Lumia 1020, GSM Arena noted. This fascinating design mix reportedly packs a 5.2-inch Full HD (or 1080p) display and the abovementioned Snapdragon 810 chipset from Qualcomm.

In spite of its interesting specs list, some tech observers are skeptical whether this Microsoft Lumia model will ever reach the market. They mentioned that the leaked device seems to be just a new photo of an old prototype based on the ID range and the Nokia branding depicted in the images.

As you can see, this unannounced Lumia model only deepens the mystery and it might be a while before users can actually find out if the photos actually provide real information. At any rate, an upcoming Microsoft Lumia flagship is inevitable, since the tech company has another reason to release devices powered by its newly launched cross-platform Windows 10 operating system.

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