'Resident Evil 4' Ultimate HD Edition Update Release Date: Fans Created a New Custom HD Makeover Mod

( [email protected] ) Aug 04, 2015 12:56 PM EDT
A duo of talented Resident Evil 4 fans has introduced a new mod that treats game with better textures and graphics. The Resi fans named their custom mod “RE4 HD Project” and released it to address many of the game’s apparent graphical inaccuracies.
A new fan-made mod gives Resident Evil 4 a better texture and graphics improvement. RE4HD.com

Resident Evil 4 has already been treated with a graphics update in 2014 with the release of the Ultimate HD Edition. But it looks like some fans are not satisfied with that so they took matters into their hands and released a new mod that gives the game an even better texture and overall graphics improvement.

Resident Evil 4 HD mod created by a pair of "Resi" fans

The third-person horror shooter game's Ultimate HD Edition was distributed early last year to deliver 60fps gameplay and 1080p graphics. However, Eurogamer noticed that its visuals still relied significantly on the old GameCube version launched back in 2004.

It seems that its developer Capcom has no plans of giving a remastered version anytime soon. As such, some frustrated fans has taken that as a cue to build their own HD overhaul. A duo of talented and appropriately named fans calling themselves Albert and Cris (in reference to characters Albert Wesker and Chris Redfield from the Resident Evil series) has introduced a new mod that treats Resident Evil 4 with better graphics that it deserves.

The Resi fans named their custom mod "RE4 HD Project" and released it to address many of the game's graphical inaccuracies. This project is clearly a labor of love; aside from improving original textures from Capcom artists, the duo also creates many of the textures by searching for them on Google Images and creating HD renders from scratch.

Over the weekend, Albert posted on their site and mentioned, "Finally I reached the Island area! The first two rooms of the last third of the game are especially full of graphical inaccuracies. For now, I fixed some of them and added detail to the blockiest models (barrels, pipes, doors). There's still lots of seam and mapping issues here and there."

How to get this Resident Evil 4 custom HD mod

As of now, it appears that the RE4 HD Project is approximately 50% complete, Kotaku observed. The modders aren't just replacing the low fidelity textures in the Resident Evil 4 PC version, they are also enhancing and replacing numerous models too.

The duos' process comprises of scaling up textures 8 to 16 times their original resolution and then redrawing them afterwards. Proper 3D renders of objects for many of the game's environmental entities are created along with structures, logos and decorations improvements.

For other Resi fans who are curious about how this mod will bring changes to the game, they can head over to the modders' website to see a handful of screenshots as well as a video demonstration.

This Resident Evil 4 custom RE4 HD Project has now reached the game's final third segment-the Island. Albert and Cris are still working on this HD remake and are releasing it in segments, so interested gamers can now download the Village section right from the pair's official site.


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