Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Mode Release Date: EA to Introduce Action-Packed Aerial Dogfights

( [email protected] ) Aug 05, 2015 06:06 AM EDT
A new Star Wars Battlefront game mode is set to be revealed at Gamescom. Electronic Arts has just shared a short clip that gives us a glimpse into the game’s upcoming Fighter Squadron Mode.
Screengrab from EA's new teaser for Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Mode. Electronic Arts

Star Wars Battlefront is one of the much-awaited games this coming Holiday Season. It looks like it is going to be amazing as more and more gameplay teasers are released. Electronic Arts (EA) has just shared a short clip that gives us a glimpse into the game's Fighter Squadron Mode.

Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Mode to be Revealed at GamesCom

After an earlier teaser released for the game's 10v10 Team Deathmatch called Blast Mode, EA is set to reveal another game mode. This time it is about an aerial dogfighting mode called Fighter Squadron.

The game developer's official Star Wars Twitter account posted a short, 12-second clip that gives us a first look at the upcoming game mode. From what we have seen so far, Star Wars Battlefront has some amazing ground gameplay in store for eagerly waiting fans. Now, this fresh teaser suggests an X-Wing related mode that will likely give the game a whole new flavor.

The short video entitled "Fighter Squadron incoming" was accompanied by the caption "We've got fighters incoming!" Electronic Arts' purpose for sharing this post is to invite gamers to subscribe to its EA Star Wars YouTube account. That way they can stay tuned once the developer reveals more about Star Wars Battlefront during its stint at the GamesCom 2015 in Germany. EA's conference is scheduled later today.

New Star Wars Battlefront Teaser Trailer

For those who can't wait for the official reveal, they can watch a sneak peek at the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron mode here.

The clip shows a few seconds of the new mode's gameplay comprising of a very quick scene between the Empire's TIE fighter squad engaged in a dogfight against the Rebel X-Wing & A-Wing fighters in a planet called Sullust.

In the teaser trailer, a brief switch to a first-person view is featured. After that, a slightly longer shot of the A-Wing performing a fancy barrel roll. The Empire's TIE Interceptor can also be seen in the background. Finally, a splendid shot of some X-Wings is displayed.

This upcoming Fighter Squadron mode is just one of a several modes in Star Wars Battlefront. Others include the abovementioned Blast, Walker Assault, Cargo, Drop Zone, Supremacy, and a co-op mode named Survivor.

Star Wars Battlefront is slated to be released on November 17 in North America and November 20 in Europe for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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