'Married at First Sight' Season 3 Release Date and News: Why Is There No News of Cancellation?

Aug 05, 2015 05:23 PM EDT

If you are not familiar with Married at First Sight, it is a show on FYI where four experts put three couples together for marriage, even though the spouses have never met before. The problems that occurred with last season's Married at First Sight has led viewers wondering if there will even be a Married at First Sight Season 3. This is a legitimate question as so far, of the three couples that were in Season 2 of Married at First Sight, all have filed for divorce. This is what we know about Married at First Sight Season 3 possible Release Date and News.

According to the Latinos Post, there are a few hints that the show might be close to being cancelled. Part of it is the lack of available information and updates, as well as a casting call that is "no longer available". That, and the "Six Months Later" Season 2 episode being describes as a "trainwreck" as all couples divorced, as we stated before.

Vine Report also says that a lack of announcement for season three of Married at First Sight could mean that the show is on verge of cancellation. The way the show has been casted has been called into question.

Executive producer Chris Coelen addressed these issues to People, stated exactly how men and women are paired together on the show. It begins when an "advanced casting team" are sent to a specific geographic area, in search of single people. Coelen says that "the men and the women are treated exactly the same", and "go to bars, mixers, singles events, and church groups". Coelen says that he goes on Facebook to talk to family and friends to make "the pool as big as possible".

Season 1 pulled in 1,000 applicants, with season 2 getting 7,000 applicants. After most of these thousands are thinned out, the potential participants are invited to final callbacks that the producers refer to as "workshops". This is where the show's experts, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Joseph Cilona, Greg Epstein, and Dr. Logan Levkoff, come in as potential participants are given some serious "extensive written evaluations" that "take hours to complete". By the way, these evaluations are only available to licensed therapists or government agencies.

This process takes about six months, with the final casting about 4-6 weeks, and it is "very intense". Then the experts present their matches to both Kinetic Content and A&E, parent network of FYI.

It should be noted on the FYI site, the application form for Married at First Sight links to a message reading: "Casting Call No Longer Available". Is this because the show has been pulled, or is there so many applicants that no more are required?

It also should be noted in the interview with People that Coelen stated that season 3 has pulled in 20,000 applicants. He also stated that Season 3 would be documented in Atlanta. I find it hard to believe that these experts would have done all this work for nothing. Not only that, the fact that Coelen mentions a Season 3 actually reveals that there will be a Season 3.