Tom Clancy’s the Division Release Date and News: Weapons Names, Designation

( [email protected] ) Aug 06, 2015 12:58 PM EDT
Tom Clancy’s The Division may be amongst Ubisoft’s most hyped about games. Though the release date is next year, much information involving gameplay and maps have been circulating on the web.
Beta version to be released in January 2016.

Tom Clancy's The Division may be amongst Ubisoft's most hyped about games. Though the release date is next year, much information involving gameplay and maps have been circulating on the web. In the sections below, we will look at a few of those details. The Division is expected to launch March 8, 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

No Melee and Stealth?

Developer Ubisoft Massive appears to have removed melee and stealth from The Division, according to a YouTube video by MarcoStyle.

The videogame observer believes that the decision was made to avoid players abusing melees and stealth kills in multiplayer. Melees may have been cancelled for the very same reason. In previous titles, stealth takedowns and melee were usually one-hit-affairs to make the maneuver more viable in a gun-heavy gameplay environment.

Regarding suppressed firearms, MarcoStyle pointed out that well-placed headshots are not enough to take out opponents because everyone starts out with insanely high health levels. This comes as a surprise considering that last year's gameplay footage clearly showed silent takedowns.

Those who favor stealth may be in for a great disappointment, considering the cover system still allows players to sneak up on opponents. Even though ambushes are still possible, the lack of silent takedowns means players will spend more time gunning at each other.

Weapon Names and Designation

Arkekz recently identified all weapons and their designations, based on previous gameplay demos and 3D concept art. The weapon classes include assault rifle, submachine gun, shotgun, designated marksman rifle, light machinegun and sidearm.

Assault rifles include the MK17 SR, M4 Carbine, LOVA-S (M4 Mod), POF P416, AK-47 and ACR. Curiously, Arkekz identified one of the concept art weapons as being the L85 service rifle. In actuality, the gun in question is an L86, which is currently the standard light machinegun in the British Army.

For SMGs, players can carry either the Kriss Vector or SMG-91. Shotguns include the M1014 or Moss 500, while DMRs include M14s. Machine gunners can carry either the M60E4 or M249 Para. In last-ditch situation, gamers can resort to their sidearm. These include the M9 Beretta, PF45 and PX4. Naturally, more weapons may be included in the final release version of The Division.

 What are the Three Editions

Players have their choice of three editions - Standard, Collector's, and Gold. Both the Collector's and Gold version come with additional memorabilia and in-game content.

The Collector's edition includes Season Pass, an agent's watch, poster, agent armband, and art book. Customers will also have access to the Urban Jungle content, which features flamethrower-wielding thugs and deadly enemy factions.

Gold edition comes with Season Pass, and exclusive National Guard gear set. In-game content includes custom weapons, gear, and clothing.