Luis Palau Meets Chinese Officials in Shanghai; Work on Evangelistic Book

The Chinese government told LPA that they will hope to distribute the book ''A Dialogue Between A Christian and An Atheist'' to millions of people across China once it is published.
( [email protected] ) Nov 21, 2005 05:17 PM EST

Dr. Luis Palau arrived in Shanghai on Wednesday for his fourth historic tour of China. Invited by government officials, the Dr. Palau and his team participated in the making of a proposed book in their two-day stay at the city.

Dr. Palau was invited by the Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and formerly Minister of Information Zhao Qizheng to work on a proposed book called "A Dialogue Between A Christian and An Atheist" during this trip to Shanghai. The meeting lasted three hours each day and was videotaped by Dr. Palau's team. The work started since Dr. Palau's last trip to China during May 2005.

Mr. Zhao, who describes himself as a scientist and an architect, mentioned issues of Darwinism, purpose of mankind, and the message that the Bible is reach across during their dialogue.

Dr. Tim Robnett, the Director of International Festivals for the Luis Palau Association(LPA) describes the Mr. Zhao's approach to the conversation as "very diplomatic and well informed on the Bible."

"Mr. Zhao had a great understanding of the Bible during the dialogue. He seemed to have a grasp on the knowledge of scripture even though he does not believe in it." Said Dr. Robnett, "Although during the dialogue he called himself a scientist and said that he needs proof that God exists in order for him to believe, he also hinted at some point that he have attempted to explore the spiritual side of his life. Throughout the meeting he was very diplomatic and smooth in conversation with Luis."

During the conversation Dr. Palau was evangelistic in answer, and refuted how scientists are not associated with atheism. He gave some examples of scientists whom he met that are serious believers. At one point Mr. Zhao told Dr. Palau that he cannot believe anything that is not proven from laboratory, Dr. Palau told the minister that he is the laboratory to prove that God exists, and shared with him how a person can experience God.

The book, which will be published sometime in 2006, is seen by LPA as a powerful tool that will influence many people worldwide. The Chinese government will hold the distribution and translation rights in China, while LPEA will be responsible for the distribution in the other parts of the world. The Chinese government told LPA that they hope to distribute the book to millions of people across China once it is published.

Dr. Palau mentioned at a press conference that he express interest to invite Mr. Zhao to United States after the book is published and embark on a book signing tour in several major cities.

Dr. Palau is currently in Beijing after stopping in Shanghai to attend a charity conference hosted by government officials called "Hand in Hand in Charity; Shoulder to Shoulder to Harmony." The conference will feature charity organizations throughout China and hold discussions on how to solve poverty in the nation. The conference will be held on Sunday and Monday of next week. Dr. Palau is scheduled to share his charity experience on Monday with the national committee.

On Sunday night, Dr. Palau will also preach at the Gang Wa Shi Church in Beijing. He hinted during the press conference that he wish to share at the service how astonishing the experience is when you come to believe in Christ.