NBA Live 16 Release Date, Updates: EA To Offer Free Pro-Am Demo for PS4 & Xbox One Ahead Of Release

( [email protected] ) Aug 14, 2015 02:34 PM EDT
EA Sports that a free Live Pro-Am demo will arrive for for the upcoming NBA Live 16 basketball sim next month. It will bring two new online modes, called LIVE Run and Summer Circuit, for interested gamers to try.
NBA Live 16 will have a free Live Pro-Am demo on September 15. EA Sports

Game developer EA Sports has announced that new features for the upcoming NBA Live 16 basketball sim will arrive via the Live Pro-Am demo. It will bring two new online modes, called LIVE Run and Summer Circuit, for interested gamers to try next month.

The first of the two modes is LIVE Run. It will let players join online pick-up games for up to ten players that will take place on courts including Venice Beach, Jordan Terminal 23, Rucker Park, and more.

There is also the new Summer Circuit which is an online co-op mode that allow players to find ways to defeat some of the most well-known NBA players. Summer Circuit will happen in courts across North America including Terminal 23 in New York City and Toronto's Hoop Dome.

Both Live Run, Summer Circuit as well as the NBA Live 16's Rising Star career mode will offer the option for gamers' customized player to earn skill points (SP) that can then be used to upgrade their skills via a new progression system. Reward points (RP), on the other hand, can be swapped for various apparel from different brands in the LIVE Spot store.

In its press release, EA Sports mentioned, "At the heart of LIVE Pro-Am is you. Use your created player across LIVE Run, Summer Circuit and the Rising Star career mode. Customize your player from head to toe with the latest kicks and gear from leading apparel brands including Jordan, or get some ink from world-renowned tattooist Randy Harris."

Aside from the demo, EA has also shared a new NBA Live 16 Pro-AM trailer on YouTube. The trailer, titled "Summer Never Ends," shows a character called HOOPGAWD heating up the Pro-Am summer circuit. He appears to be testing his skills against the likes of All-Star NBA players such as Los Angeles Clippers' teammates Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook is also featured in Venice Beach. HOOPGAWD can also be seen taking on 2014 NBA MVP Kevin Durant while in Harlem's famous Rucker Park.

Furthermore, EA Sports is also releasing a companion mobile app called GameFaceHD. It will allow NBA Live 16 players to scan their faces and upload it to the game so they can use their own likeness for the characters that they'll be using.

The good news about this Pro-Am demo is that EA Sports will offer it for free for both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on September 15, two weeks before NBA Live 16 is fully released on September 29. All of the progression and the rewards that players will acquire during the Pro-Am demo can be transferred to the full version.

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