Mad Max Release Date: New Gameplay Trailer Gives Players Multiple Choices To Destroy Opponents And Their Cars

( [email protected] ) Aug 15, 2015 02:39 AM EDT
Mad Max has been treated with a new gameplay trailer that viewers can actually interact with. It demonstrates how players of the upcoming game can attack their opponents and navigate through post-apocalyptic wastelands.
Mad Max gets new gameplay trailer that viewers can interact with. IGN on YouTube

A new interactive trailer has just been released to demonstrate how players of the upcoming game Mad Max can attack their opponents and navigate through post-apocalyptic wastelands.

The game is published by Warner Bros. and developed by Avalanche Studios. It lets gamers take on the role of the eponymous main character, a reluctant hero traversing a violent wasteland where vehicular combat is the key to survival.

In the third-person action video game, players can advance by solving a puzzle provided on every outpost they visit. That needs to be done while fighting off various dangers that arise.

Now, thanks to the amazing tricks IGN has come up with on YouTube, eagerly waiting Mad Max fans will be treated with a gameplay trailer that they can actually interact with.

The trailer, which can be watched here, provides several choices players can pick to proceed. It begins with Max and his companion spying on a convoy in the distance. The video then gives viewers the option for Max to destroy the convoy by either going "heavy, loud, or mad." It also lets viewers choose the way they want the character to tackle combat, either by using the Interceptor or on foot.  

After destroying the convoy, Max will then find himself driving to a heavily fortified fortress. To continue, he can breach through the perimeter by either launching long-range attacks, getting up close and personal, or he can also deliver creative offense. Regardless of which choice the viewer will pick, Max will fight his way through the fort until he reaches a location where he hops out of his vehicle.

Further into the trailer, Max will also have to face enemy catapults that launches flaming rocks into his direction. To take them out, viewers can choose to let Max "use some muscle," "make a statement," or "bring the chaos."

While the video game has nothing to do with the popular "Mad Max: Fury Road" movie that hit theaters earlier this year, it does have the same elements of action and adventure unique to the Mad Max franchise.

Mad Max is slated to arrive on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC on September 1. Those who want to purchase the game early can now do so as Microsoft is already accepting digital pre-orders for the Xbox One version.

Players who purchase the pre-order bundle will receive the multi-bladed Grizzlegrinda hood ornament for Max's vehicle as well as The Ripper car body. Meanwhile, those who are planning to pick up Mad Max on their PC can check out the official system requirements here

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