Transformers 5 Release Date, Spoilers, Update, Cast: Michael Bay Is In, Megan Fox Is Out

( [email protected] ) Aug 17, 2015 02:55 AM EDT
Bad news for Transformers and fans of Megan Fox. The sultry actress is reported to be busy filming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 that her busy schedule will not be able to accommodate Transformers 5.

Bad news for Transformers and fans of Megan Fox. The sultry actress is reported to be busy filming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 that her busy schedule will not be able to accommodate Transformers 5.

According to Master Herald, Fox is busy with Director Jonathan Liebesman in New York City shooting for the next sequel of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 where the actress will be reprising her role as TV reporter April O'Neil. Filming for the two-legged turtle warriors began in March and post-production will be finished within the next few weeks. That is if their current schedule is followed religiously.

Liebesman, who is earlier reported to take the director's helm in the next installment of the Transformers franchise after director Michael Bay decided to leave and submitted his walking papers to Paramount Pictures after the showing of Transformers: Age of Extinction last year, is also not joining the next Transformers sequel.

Michael Bay Returning to Direct Transformers 5

Reports have also indicated that Paramount Pictures had successfully convinced, after much coaxing, Bay to direct Transformers 5. After Bay decided not to return to direct the next installment of the Transformers, the studio offered him to be a consultant to the writer's room to ensure that successful director remains to be included in the filming of the movie.

Besides, with the four Transformers movies earning nearly $3.8 billion worldwide with Bay at the director's seat, it is wise for Paramount to keep him and hope that his magic touch rubs on to the next installment.

The Transformers writers room, headed by award-winning writer Akiva Goldsman, with the help of Bay, is tasked to produce a good storyline for the next franchise as well as future films of Transformers, including possible spinoff movies.

The new team of "Transformers" writers include Jeff Pickner, whose writing credits include "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," "Fringe," and "Lost;" Zack Penn, who wrote "X-Men: The Last Stand," and "Pacific Rim 2;" Art Marcus, who wrote for "Iron Man;" Robert Kirkman, who is one of the writers of "The Walking Dead" TV series; and Matt Holloway.

In an interview with IGN Steve DeKnight, one of the writers on the writers room, hinted that the team has begun plotting for the next Transformers movie. And with Bay on the helm once again, the team is expecting their efforts on overdrive.

DeKnight said, "I can't say what we plotted out, but it was all very exciting and in the next few months we'll see what moves forward and what doesn't move forward."

However, there is little information about the plot of the next installment of the Transformers as the writers are just starting to work on it. But it was reported that Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime, has requested the producers of Transformers to go back to the drift of the series before Age of Extinction. This has set off a rumor about the next installment rewinding, and straying from the plot of Age of Extinction.

 Earlier, we reported that one of the plots in Transformers 5 involves Optimus Prime confronting "the Creator" of the Autobots also called the Quintessons with the help of his second-in-command Ultra Magnus. The final face-off between Optimus Prime and his team will result in a fierce battle with Unicron, the dreaded leader of the Decepticons.

Die-hard fans of the Transformers series have been clamoring to see Optimus fighting Unicron in the series. This particular news that Unicron will be finally revealed in the Transformers 5 is one of the good news for fans of the franchise.

The report also cited Enstarz as confirming that the beast wars will also finally happen in the next installment of Transformers 5. There have been loud rumors that Transformers 5 will feature the machines transforming into animal beasts like in Generation 1.



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