Castle Season 8 Release Date, Plot Spoilers, Rumors; Leaks Keep on Coming, Castle’s Dad to Return

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Castle Season 8
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Castle Season 8 continues to provide leaks, plot spoilers, rumors.

Castle Season 8 is leaking! As the release date for the next iteration of the widely popular TV series Castle draws near, new information continues to leak to the delight of fans.

Terence Paul Winter co-showrunner of Castle has revealed to TV Line that Richard Castle's (Nathan Fillion) dad, Jackson Hunt (James Brolin), will make a comeback in the new season of Castle.

Although the report did not provide much details about his new role and how he would have an impact on the life of the main character Richard, except that "his name was mentioned in the premier episode."

Fans can eagerly await how Jackson's return will play out in the coming episodes of the new season.

But Winter added that although Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan) (as moved out of the loft and has a newly thriving career when Season 8 opens. "She's very much a part of Castle's life. Don't think that just because she now has her own place and is doing well on Broadway that we're not going to see her sharing her wisdom with her favorite and only son," Winter added.

A report by the Inquisitr has also revealed that earlier plans for Kate Becket (Stana Katic) to enter into politics as suggested in the season finale of Season 7 has been scrapped and our heroin will instead focus on taking the helm at Precinct 12 where she is now captain of the police squad.

The report also cited several plot spoilers and rumors in the next season, including job changes, movements that will saw Castle and Becket taking on different paths. For his part, Castle will be busy taking on new clients as the chief detective in Richard Castle Investigations and will delve deeper into the mystery of his sudden disappearance.

Rick Castle will also have to deal with the changes in her relationship with his daughter Alexis, (Molly Queen). A report by Headline and Globe News said that Detective Shipton will be mentoring Alexis or act as her older sister as she transition from child to adolescence.

According to the creators of Castle, the once little and adorable child of the crime novelist is now all grown up. With this development comes the desire of Alexis to spread her wings and explore everything the city has to offer. As fans and followers of the TV series would know, Rick has been quite protective of his little girl so watching her turn into a mature lady in front of his very eyes will definitely make for an exciting episode in "Castle" Season 8.

Co-showrunner Alexi Hawley told Entertainment Weekly, "We like the idea of her as a mentor to Alexis in a way that Beckett [Stana Katic] has been, but because she's also Castle's wife, ultimately Hayley can play a little bit more of an older sister. Alexis' makeover includes a more mature haircut and possibly her first sexual relationship with a new boyfriend."

Castle Season 8 will premiere on September 21, 2015 at 10 pm ET on ABC.

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