Samsung Windows 10 Tablet Specs, Rumor: Samsung's Upcoming 12-Inch 'Ativ' Tablet is Thinner than iPhone 6

( [email protected] ) Aug 22, 2015 02:58 AM EDT
Recent reports suggesting that an upcoming Samsung tablet running the new Windows 10 have surfaced online. Weighing 600 grams and sporting a 6.2mm thickness, the device will be lighter and slimmer than the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and iPhone 6, respectively.
Samsung may be working on another 12-inch Ativ tablet powered by Windows 10. Samsung

Samsung has been known to use Google's popular Android operating system in its wide range of mobile devices. That said, the company doesn't restrict itself to one OS. Those who closely follow Samsung's releases may remember that it had also offered a line of tablets, notebooks, and even smartphones under the "Ativ" line powered by Microsoft's Windows OS.

However, it's been years since we last saw Samsung unveil a Windows-powered device. While we're about to start thinking that the tech giant already abandoned the idea, fresh reports suggesting that a new Samsung tablet running the new Windows 10 have surfaced online.

The information comes from a Weibo user known to divulge accurate leaks about a handful of unannounced devices in the past. According to a post on the Chinese social networking site, a 12-inch Windows 10 tablet is being prepared somewhere within Samsung's various research labs.

The benchmark specs shared by the leakster indicates that this Windows 10 slate won't be using Samsung's home-grown Exynos chipset but will opt for Intel's 14 nanometer Core M processor. It will boast a generous 4GB worth of RAM, which solidifies rumors that this will be the Korean device maker's latest entry into the PC/tablet category.

An S-Pen stylus will most likely be included-a peripheral that Galaxy Note owners have come to love and will surely boost its productivity appeal to hardcore users. The source isn't sure about the display resolution but mentioned that it will either have 2,560×1,600 or 3,840×2,400. Both of which will still provide sharp pixel density for a 12-inch screen.

What's more intriguing is the Windows 10 slate's built and dimension. It is said that it will only weigh 600 grams and come with a mere 6.2mm thickness. If proven to be true, then this tablet will noticeably be thinner than Apple's current iPhone 6, which now comes relatively heftier at 6.9mm.

For more perspective, the alleged upcoming Samsung Windows 10 device is both slimmer and lighter than a similarly sized Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. The latter is an Android-run device that's 8mm thick and 750 grams heavy.

It is unclear when exactly this device will be launched as the source didn't provide any clue about its arrival. Nevertheless, this is the first time that we encounter a 12-inch device made by Samsung that won't be powered by Android. Some tech observers see this as the company's strategy to compete against Microsoft's rumored Surface Pro 4 which is also expected to run Windows 10.

The latter is heavily speculated to be launched this October so it might be interesting to see whether Samsung will release this rumored Windows 10 tablet to take on Microsoft. 


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