‘Guardian Angel’ Taylor Swift Makes Dreams Come True for Fans, Invites Autistic Boy to Concert and Meets Girl With Cystic Fibrosis

( [email protected] ) Aug 23, 2015 08:57 AM EDT
It's so easy to fall in love with Taylor Swift. Behind that angelic face is a heart of gold. This week alone, the 25-year-old singer made dreams of her two fans come true!
Tiffany Rich met Taylor Swift during her concert in San Francisco. Tiffany Rich Twitter account

It's so easy to fall in love with Taylor Swift. Behind that angelic face is a heart of gold. This week alone, the 25-year-old singer made dreams of her two fans come true!

As Swift continues with her latest "1989 World Tour" the singer found time to invite seven-year-old piano prodigy Jacob Velazquez to her concert as well as a meet and greet. The invite came after autism advocacy organization Autism Speaks uploaded a video of Velazquez on YouTube playing Swift's hit songs on piano, reported Junior College.

Velazquez, who played an awesome medley of Tay-tay's songs, was diagnosed with Autism three years ago. He said on the video while holding a copy of Swift's latest album, "I'm your biggest fan and I hope you can sign this for me one day. I hope we can jam and I can play something for you and it goes something like this."

Tay-tay did not disappoint and twitted an invitation for Velazquez to see her on stage in one oe her shows, for free! The songstress known for her generosity and being charitable wrote on Twitter account, "@JacobsPiano I HAVE to give you a hug for that beautiful piano medley you did! Please come to a show on my tour and say hi to me? My treat."

To which the seven-year-old boy twitted back, "Thank you so much @autismspeaks!!!!! I can't wait to meet @taylorswift13!!! #BestDayEver."

Jacob Velazquez and Taylor Swift
(Photo : Autism Speaks)
Taylor Swift invited piano prodigy, 7-year-old autistic boy Jacob Velazquez to see her show for free!

Tay-tay's generosity does not end with Veleazquez. Last Saturday, Tay-tay met with another fan, 26-year-old fan Tiffany Rich, who is suffering from cystic fibrosis, at her concert at Levi's Stadium in California's Bay Area. Rich, who is currently waiting for a double transplant, got the attention of the pop singer after she posted a picture on July 31 of her wish to see Swift and meet her with her best friend with the hashtag #Lungs4Tiff that went viral.

Rich told NBC Bay Area, an affiliate of NBC, "When I got off the phone, I cried tears of joy. My dream was going to come true because of all the love and support of people retweeting, reposting, and sharing my photo. It was a feeling that I could never describe."

Tiffany could not contain her excitement and added that Swift's team arranged for second row seats for her and her friend, "I had no words, this was the best day ever," Tiffany said. "So when I met Taylor it was for a few minutes, but that was all the time I needed. I had butterflies in my stomach before I went in there. When I saw her I gave her a big hug and talked to her about my post."

During their meet and greet, Rich said Swift shared to her that she has been getting a plenty of requests for meet and greet and she congratulated her for being strong and courageous.

"I thanked her for being my inspiration to get through everything and that meant a lot to her that she could do something to help me. Taylor is such a sweet and nice woman. It was such a magical night that I will never forget," Tiffany added.

So for the millions of Tay-tay's fans, just keep on sending those posts. Because with Taylor Swift, dreams do come true!

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