'Duck Dynasty' John Luke Robertson and Wife Mary Kate’s Wedding Recap and Photos

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On the season finale of "Duck Dynasty," Willie and Korie Robertson's eldest son, John Luke married his fiancée Mary Kate McEacharn in a beautiful ceremony at the Robertson farmhouse.
John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson. Duck Dynasty on A&E/Facebook

On the season finale of "Duck Dynasty," Willie and Korie Robertson's eldest son, John Luke, married his fiancée, Mary Kate McEacharn, in a beautiful, rustic ceremony at the Robertson farmhouse in West Monroe, Louisiana. 

Wednesday's episode opened with a flashback of John Luke, 19, telling family and friends gathered to celebrate his birthday that Mary Kate, also 19, had "said yes" to his marriage proposal.

"I knew from the beginning that I was going to marry Mary Kate," he tells the camera as Mary Kate sits beside him.

"It was a lot like us. You find the right person, you know it's right, and go for it," Willie explains of his son's decision to propose.

"You find the right person, and you think, 'Why wait?'" Korie chimes in.


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John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson are pictured with their bridesmaid and groomsmen. Duck Dynasty on A&E/Facebook

The episode fast-forwards a few months to Mary Kate picking out her perfect wedding dress, using the help of designer Sherri Hill. Mary Kate's six bridesmaids--including John Luke's sisters Sadie, Rebecca, and Bella-- wore long, blush-colored gowns also from Sherri Hill. 



"I think it's gonna be hard for her dad when he see her in the gown," Mary Kate's mother tells Korie.

"Willie's gonna cry. I'm sure Willie will cry," Korie responds.


The camera then pans to the men, with John Luke fretting about cutting his hair too short. While he wants to keep his man-bun for the ceremony, he ends up cutting his hair to please his bride-to-be.


"Marriage is about sacrifice, and this is my sacrifice going into the wedding," he says.

John Luke, Mary Kate, and their mothers are then shown scouting out the ceremony venue with the wedding planners.

"I just think it's really great that John Luke is even here, because I don't think Willie did anything but show up at the wedding, so the fact John Luke is really involved in this wedding planning process is pretty cool," Korie tells the camera of her excitement regarding John Luke's involvement in the process.


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(Photo : Instagram/marykaterobertson)
John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson's wedding invitation

However, John Luke wasn't as enthused about wedding planning: "I haven't gotten a whole lot out of this so far, they're talking about dresses, and flowers and colors and all that stuff; all I'm really concerned about is the hot dogs...enchiladas...ribs..a lot of meat," he says.


With just days left until the big day, John Luke and Mary Kate spent some time celebrating with their bridesmaids and groomsmen.

"John Luke and I decided to do something different rather than your typical bachelor, bachelorette party, so I went with a luncheon for my bridesmaids, and John Luke decided something a little different-against my better judgment," Mary Kate tells the camera.

"Me and my groomsmen are about to jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet and just hope the parachute opens," said John Luke.

The young couple then attempts to write their vows - with Willie's help.

"So John Luke and Mary Kate asked me to officiate the wedding, so I guess I'm the preacher," Willie tells the camera.


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The Robertson family pictured at John Luke and Mary Kate's wedding. Duck Dynasty on A&E/Facebook

Following the wedding rehearsal, the Robertson family and dozens of their friends come together for a beautiful meal.


"This family dinner is probably the most important family dinner I've sat through in my entire life," John Luke says.

After playing a few games, family members took turns sharing advice and heartfelt stories about the couple.

"For John Luke to find his soulmate for a lifetime, it makes me so happy because I know they're just like Phil and I, they're committed for life," Miss Kay says through tears.

"Mary Kate is unselfish and kind and loving and patient and gentle- all those things you want in a spouse. He's found that in Mary Kate and I'm really excited about that," Korie adds.


As the time for the ceremony arrived, John Luke shared his feelings: "I felt like I felt before I jumped out of the plane-my heart is kind of racing but you know that you're doing it, you're jumping out of the plane, that's kind of how it feels."


For her big day, Mary Kate chose a gorgeous, capped-sleeve gown with a lace top, beaded belt, and flowing skirt. She also wore a wreath of flowers on her head which matched her pink, purple and red bouquet of flowers.    

After she walked down the aisle to a smiling John Luke, Willie opened up the ceremony with his thoughts on marriage. "Marriage is a lot like building a house, it takes work, it can be stressful, so-welcome to marriage. Unless you're Uncle Si, you probably don't talk to your house, and you'd never get angry with it. When something happens with your house, what do you do? You immediately try to get it fixed. Our house receives us every time we walk in, and keeps folks out that we don't want in, and it welcomes those in that we love. We care for, we clean it, and we keep it nice. We're proud of our house. Build it on the Lord and it will last."


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Willie Robertson with his son John Luke and daugther-in-law Mary Kate. Duck Dynasty on A&E/Facebook
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Uncle Si, Missy and Jep Robertson. Duck Dynasty on A&E/Facebook

The elated couple then exchanged vows and a kiss before being announced as husband and wife.


Before joining the Robertson family and over 800 friends for her wedding reception, Mary Kate changed into a white lace skirt and beaded top. The beautiful after party included dinner, cake, music, dancing and fireworks.

"To John Luke and Mary Kate, I'm so proud of you both, and I wish you all the best in life," Willie said afterward. "May you be blessed with many children, wealth, and prosperity-- but most importantly, the kind of happiness that can only come from the love of God and of each other. The book of Romans tells us that good things happen to those who love each other and God, so be patient, because in the end it's all worth it."


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