The Legend of Zelda Wii U Release Date, Updates: What We Know so Far

( [email protected] ) Aug 26, 2015 01:27 PM EDT
Nintendo America VP confirms that the Team Ninja for the Wii U video game will be improved in the 2016 release. Get the date for Zelda updates.
The Legend Of Zelda Wii U is seen as the last hope for Nintendo's ailing Wii U game console. Nintendo has had an interesting decline for the past few years as the Wii U never lived up to the predecessor of the Wii. The biggest disappointments for fans of the console is that no new The Legend of Zelda game came out for the Wii U. It was supposed to be in 2015, but it will now come out with the Nintendo NX, the next generation of system. However, there has to be some more games then just The Legend of Zelda, and here are a list including Mario and Pokemon. Nintendo/Youtube

The Legend of Zelda Wii U release date remains unannounced, even though Nintendo is expected to launch the upcoming title next year. Still, there are tidbits of information floating around on the web. For this article, we will examine what we know so far regarding the next installment in the Zelda videogame universe.

Another Zelda Game Gets Release Date Instead

Recently, Nintendo has announced the release date for The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes on Nintendo 3DS. The game will hit stores on October 23rd, and will sell at the starting price of $39.99.

This development is bad news for those wishing for The Legend of Zelda Wii U because Nintendo is now diverting its focus elsewhere.

Nintendo Wants to Perfect Zelda Before Release

As of now, Nintendo has remained relatively quiet regarding the current status for Zelda Wii U. Still, representatives from the gaming company have assured fans that development is continuing despite delays. This was reconfirmed fairly recently by Nintendo America VP of Sales and Marketing, Scott Moffitt.

"We confirmed that a Zelda game, a new Zelda experience is in development for the Wii U and we have our team hard at work on that," Moffitt said in an interview with iDigital Times. "We want that to be the best Zelda experience. Fans have been waiting for and deserve a game when it's ready, when it's fully featured and when it can live up to what we would like to deliver."

Moffitt also insisted that Zelda will be released on 2016. The Legend of Zelda franchise still maintains a track record of having some of the best titles in videogame history. This reputation has brought to the series an enduring loyalty amongst gamers worldwide.

Will Zelda Be Delayed Past 2016?

Last month, a Nintendo financial report listed The Legend of Zelda Wii U release date as TBD instead of 2016. Predictably, Zelda loyalists began voicing concerns over the possibility that the game was going to be delayed yet again. However, Nintendo has not formally announced intentions to delay Zelda past 2016. Diehard fans can relax for now - albeit, cautiously.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U was first unveiled via trailer at E3 2014. Afterwards, Nintendo declined to feature the game at E3 2015.

One popular rumor purports that Nintendo is holding back the next Legend of Zelda for a multi-platform release on Nintendo Wii U and the upcoming NX console. Naturally, this suggestion should be taken a healthy dose of skepticism until further notice from Nintendo.