Playstation Plus Free Games for September, October 2015 List Coming Soon

( [email protected] ) Sep 15, 2015 01:35 AM EDT
There are only two and half weeks left to try out the PlayStation Plus free games lineup for September 2015. In the meantime, the October 2015 list will be announced at the end of this month.

There are only two and half weeks left to try out the PlayStation Plus free games lineup for September 2015. In the meantime, the October 2015 list will be announced at the end of this month. Here is a look at what is currently available:

Grow Home (PS4)

PS Plus subscribers will play as BUD (Botanical Utility Droid), whose mission is to locate the Star plant and harvest its seeds on a remote planet. Afterwards, the robot is to return to Earth. Along the way, there will be encounters with strange flora and animal life.

To explore, BUD must cultivate the Star Plant to maturity. Doing so also creates a bridge to the space ship that brought it to the planet. The robot moves around by climbing. Objects can be used to help with the exploration including a giant flower that can be used for parachuting, or a large leaf for gliding. Players can manipulate the Star Plant to create pathways to floating rock formations.

Super Time Force Ultra (PS4, PS Vita)

In this side-scrolling action game, players have the ability to rewind the clock when battling hordes of enemy combatants. As evidenced in the title, time-traveling elements will be explored in the game's premise. Hence, gamers will do battle with dinosaurs, knights and paramilitary operatives.

Unlike traditional shoot-em-up titles, characters do not necessarily die when hit. Instead, they have the ability to reverse time just before being killed. Once this is done, the players simply choose a different operative or strategy to defeat the enemy. The only caveat is that the protagonists have to save the world within a certain time limit. However, gamers can still rewind should they start to run out of time.

Xeodrifter (PS4, PS Vita)

This game will be released on September 1, which means PS Plus players can preview the game before deciding on purchase. Xeodrifter's story follows the journey of a nameless space explorer, whose ship is damaged following a collision with an asteroid. Unable to return home, the character must explore nearby planets for resources that can be used to repair the spacecraft.

Xeodrifter's aesthetic and gameplay follows the same reto look as the original Nintendo home entertainment system. The story is simple, and players are thrust into the action almost immediately from the start.

Twisted Metal (PS3)

Longtime gamers may remember this vehicular fighting game that was all the rage in the late 90s. Since then, Twisted Metal has spanned several PlayStation consoles including PS2 and PS3. The game was also present on the PC.

Following a demolition derby style of gameplay, players destroy cars and people using a variety of weapons. These include machine guns, mines, ballistic projectiles and nuclear weapons. The last one standing is the winner. Compared to its predecessors, Twisted Metal on PS3 is considered the more thumbed-down version.

Teslagrad (PS4, PS3)

This 2D sidescrolling puzzle game takes place in a long-abandoned Testla Tower. Gamers will explore the non-linear world that has more than 100 hand-drawn environments. Players traverse the environment using magnetism and a certain degree of ingenuity.

The story follows the adventures of a young boy who finds himself at the center of a long-forgotten conspiracy in alternate-reality steampunk Europe. A ruthless king rules over the land, and players face dangers at every corner.

La Mulana (PS Vita)

La Mulana is a repackaging of an older freeware game of the same name. The freeware is no longer available at this time. The 2D sidescrolling game brings players to old La-Mulana temple where no one has ever come back out alive. Players will discover treasure as well as other secrets. The game is difficult, following in the same spirit as Metroid and Castlevania.

When Will October 2015 Free Games List Be Released

Normally, Sony announces the free games on the 29th of each month. However, the tech giant made an unusual decision by releasing the free games list early on August 24. It is unlikely that this release schedule will be the norm. Hence, September 29 is the likely unveiling date for the October 2015 PS Plus free games list.