Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' Will 'Brainwash Generations of Kids' With Latest Book About Climate Change, Warns Ken Ham

( [email protected] ) Sep 15, 2015 12:14 PM EDT
Creationist Ken Ham has accused Bill Nye "the Science Guy" of seeking to "brainwash generations of kids" following the release of his latest book, Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World, which highlights the dangers of climate change.
Evolutionist Bill Nye and creationist Ken Ham debated their respective views regarding the origin of the earth on February 4, 2014.

Creationist Ken Ham has accused Bill Nye "the Science Guy" of seeking to "brainwash generations of kids" following the release of his latest book, Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World, which highlights the dangers of climate change.

In a lengthy blog post, Ham, who is the president of Answers in Genesis, charges that the religion of naturalism - which Nye promotes in his new book - is, in fact, a form of evolution.

"I just have to shake my head. Really, I think the title of the book should be, It's Stoppable: The Harnessing of the Religion of Naturalism That's Changing the World. The more you read what Bill Nye is saying, the more you should realize he is on a mission to brainwash generations of kids in the religion of naturalism-which in reality is atheism," Ham writes.

"Bill Nye has previously made alarming claims about climate change and the coming disastrous effects of it, and likely this book will perpetuate those alarmist ideas," he adds.

Ham explains that contrary to Nye's claims, Creationists do believe in climate change - but "what you believe about the nature and severity of climate change and how it happens is determined by your worldview."

Because the Creation Museum CEO does not hold to the theory of evolution and or the idea that the Earth is billions of years old, he believes climate change actually stems from man's disobedience to God, as found in Genesis in the Bible.

"Originally, the climate was created perfect, but sin changed everything (Genesis 3), and we no longer have a perfect climate. During the global Flood of Noah's day about 4,350 years ago the climate was radically changed when the surface of the Earth was reshaped by the Flood. The Flood was followed by an Ice Age, which further changed our climate, and climates have gone up and down since," Ham writes.

"Fluctuations can happen quite quickly and are not cause for grave concern in regard to man's supposed impact as Bill Nye claims," he continues.

"It is true that Bill Nye's religion of evolutionary naturalism causes him to wrongly interpret climate change. So, in essence, Bill Nye's new book is indeed a religious book!"

In concluding his comments, Ham encourages Christians to safeguard the Earth, describing it as a "responsibility from God."

"It's creationists, who believe God created the Earth and gave us dominion over it, along with the responsibility to be good stewards, that have a rationale for caring for the environment, not evolutionists," he writes.

Last year, both Bill Nye and Ham's organizations released books discussing the topics covered in the highly-publicized Nye/Ham debate in February 2014.

In the debate, Ham challenged Nye after the Evolutionist released a YouTube video pleading with parents not to teach their children about Creationism. Nye argued that children who are taught such "theories" will grow up to be scientifically illiterate voters who cause the United States to lose its status as a leading innovator of technology.

In explaining how Creationism and science coincide, Ham charged that "Creation is the only viable model of historical science confirmed by observational science in today's modern scientific era." He also argued that science supports his view of a historical six-day creation, as outlined in the first chapters of Genesis. 

"As Biblical Creationists, we do start with the Bible and we interpret the scientific evidence in light of what the Bible says. And observational science confirms what God's Word teaches! We aren't against science - we love science," he explained in a later AiG post. 

"Not only does God's Word explain the world as it is today, but observational science confirms it. Also, the Bible makes it clear that if we search after truth and really want to know God, He will reveal himself to us. And He will make clear the free gift of salvation that He offers to us," he continued. 

Nye sent a copy of his previous book, Undeniable, as a Christmas gift to Ham, inviting the Creationist to join "the world of reason." Ham responded by sending back a copy of his book, Inside the Nye Ham Debate, and encouraged Nye to to join "the world of salvation."

In a January blog post, Ham wrote that the two books clearly "illustrate the worldview clash between Bill Nye and me-man's word versus God's Word."

However, while he and Nye have opposing views regarding the origin of the earth, Ham clarified they have "great respect" for one another.

"I remember telling Dan Harris (ABC Television) in front of Bill Nye that I believed we could be friends," he writes, "I was brought up in Australia, which has a very small percentage of Christians, so most of my best friends at school and university were not Christians-but we had a great respect for each other. I believe the same can be true of Bill Nye and me. Yes, we will oppose what each other teaches-and speak very forthrightly about those beliefs publicly-but we can still have a mutual respect for one another."