House of Cards Season 4 Premiere Date and Latest Updates On Cast, Plot and Rumors

( [email protected] ) Sep 18, 2015 07:26 PM EDT
With House of Cards Season 4 being filmed in and around Baltimore, a new series regular has been confirmed. The popular Netflix series is scheduled to return in early 2016.

With House of Cards Season 4 being filmed in and around Baltimore, a new series regular has been confirmed. The popular Netflix series is scheduled to return in early 2016.

When is the Season 4 Release Date

For three consecutive seasons, House of Cards premiered on a Friday in the month of February. However, the seasons' release dates were 13 days apart.  For instance, the first season debuted on Feb. 1, 2013. The second season was released on Feb. 14, 2014, while the third was launched on Feb. 27, 2015.

Taking leap year into account, the season 4 release date can hypothetically fall on Friday, March 11. Naturally, this is based solely on theory. Anything can happen in the time leading up to the release date.

Actor Colm Feore Joins the Cast

The Borgias star, Colm Feore, will appear opposite of House of Cards stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in the upcoming new season. For now, his role has not been confirmed.

President Frank versus The First Lady

During the season three finale, Claire walks out on Frank Underwood during his preparations for reelection as U.S. President. It is unclear what will happen between the two characters in Season 4.

Though this is not the first estrangement for Claire and Frank, the recent conflict seems to be more serious. In future episodes, Frank faces an uphill battle just as many of his former allies including the First Lady are turning on him.

Doug Stamper Rejoins Frank

Meanwhile, Frank's loyal lapdog Doug Stamper will no longer be an outsider in Season 4. After killing Rachel Posner in the previous season, Stamper once again loses his soul.

In season three, viewers watched as Doug seemingly redeems himself - first by recovering after an alcoholic relapse, and second by reconnecting with his brother. Emotions ran high as Doug tells his sibling that he loves him.

Just as the third season came to a close, Stamper turns around and murders Rachel to reaffirm loyalties with Frank Underwood. The familiar-but-heartless Doug Stamper has returned. Next season, the audience should expect to see Doug carrying out more dirty work for the embattled POTUS Frank Underwood.

Actress Neve Campbell Joining the Cast

Meanwhile, there is talk concerning a new member of the cast - Neeve Campbell.

Viewers may remember her from the film Scream and the TV show Party of Five. The actress is confirmed to be a series regular, even though House of Cards showrunners have yet to confirm her role in the upcoming new season.

In June, Deadline predicted that Campbell may be part of young power couple that will emerge just as Frank and Claire's relationship is on the rocks. Campbell has quest starred in Mad Men, and is taking part in the second season of Welcome to Sweden.