Exclusive: 'VeggieTales in the House' Season 2 on Netflix Sneak Preview

( [email protected] ) Sep 24, 2015 11:37 AM EDT
The Gospel Herald is delighted to present an exclusive sneak preview from "VeggieTales in the House" season 2, which premieres September 25 on Netflix.
On September 25, season 2 of DreamWorks Emmy-nominated series VeggieTales in the House will premiere with 11 new episodes, exclusively on Netflix. DreamWorks

On September 25, season 2 of DreamWorks Emmy-nominated series VeggieTales in the House will premiere with 11 new episodes, exclusively on Netflix.

This time, the stars of the hugely successful faith-based show, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber, will meet more Veggie friends including Tina Celerina, Callie Flower, Gary Garlic, Beau Rockely and Roonie the Olive Hound.

Viewers will be delighted to watch as the Veggies adopt a pet guppy, invent a secret flavor of ice cream, sing silly new songs, and superheroes LarryBoy and Junior JetPack join forces. As always, every episode features new plot-driven music and kids will have the chance to sing along to silly new songs.

Also continuing in the VeggieTales tradition, every fun-filled episode of VeggieTales in the House - a spin-off of the original VeggieTales series of DVD specials - will have kids laughing out loud while featuring important life lessons and inspirational messages.

Since 1993, creators Mike Nawrocki and Phil Vischer have combined what kids consume as entertainment with messages of faith. Themes in each episode relate to Biblical principles such as forgiveness, compassion and generosity.

"The heart is still about thankfulness and loving your neighbor," said co-creator Mike Nawrocki, who also voices Larry the Cucumber.

"The faith component sets us apart from a lot of other family entertainment. Story is such a powerful way to reach kids, and the values we support are integrated in the story....that's what Jesus did all the time."

Unlike most modern-day cartoons, Veggie Tales characters are often shown praying to God and quoting Bible verses - teaching kids the importance of communing with God and spending time in His word.

"In VeggieTales In The House, our character know that there's a God who made them and loves them and they can talk about him--and that's normal," says co-creator Phil Vischer.

When asked what message kids should take away from each episode, Nawrocki says,

"You're very special, and God loves you very much."

"We encourage parents to take these episodes as conversation starters, as a great opportunity to open up these questions and create teachable moments for your kids," adds Vischer.

"That's how we disciple our kids. This is the world you're growing up--why not have those values reflected in the stories you're watching."

In this exclusive clip from VeggieTales in the House season 2, Callie Flower may not be Laura's first partner of choice for her class project, but you shouldn't always judge a book by its cover! Laura learns that being different isn't always a bad thing.